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Recently I wrote an article called "Persistence, My Friend" that received quite a few positive remarks, but there is one in particular that I want to take a look at. Basically a person suggested that, since I had given such remarkable dating advice, that I should also do a column regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle through gaming. I was so moved by the thought and detail put into his or her response that I have decided to do just that. So let's get started, shall we?

First off, I want to point out that it is extremely important that you eat properly when you play video games, especially if you play games as often as I do. It can become too cumbersome to have something that requires silverware, so it is better to stick to hand foods (hot pockets, pizza rolls, JIMMY JOHNS, you get the idea). Not only that, but you'll want to make sure it is on a disposable plate. Getting up and going to the kitchen can be quite a pain in the middle of the raid, so it is better to just be able to throw it away.

It is important that your desk remain clear for plenty of arm movement. A trash can next to it is optimal. As I stated in the paragraph above, anything not in use should just be thrown away. This includes paper plates, empty cans, water bottles (yea right, we know you don't drink that stuff), bills, napkins, birthday cards, etc. You'll want arm movement for times when it is imperative to flail around in anger because your Resto Shaman just tanked the score on your 5s team for everyone. Plus, it gives you more room to throw your mouse and keyboard when you've finally had enough.

Once you get to the stage of having enough, perhaps it is time to get some rest. Rest is extremely important to a gamer, and so is having some sort of a sleep schedule. However, if you do not have time for sleep, then try drinking enough Redbull, Monster, Mt Dew, or another drink of the likes to keep you awake for as long as possible. If you choose this route, then you may want to have a bed nearby because once you finally crash... you will definitely crash. You could also just cover your floor in pillows. I've tried this, it works.

But in all seriousness, as someone who is a gamer, it is important to eat relatively healthy, exercise or remain physically active for part of the day, and to sleep well. These are things that shouldn't have to be taught to grown adults, however, and should be shared with children. And despite all the comments that'll likely be "obvious column is obvious", I think it is pretty astounding how many gamers I've known personally that have pretty horrendous diets, don't exercise, and have a sleep schedule worse than my cat.

I can't say too much on sleep schedule, however, because at the moment I am struggling with sleeping on a regular, normal schedule (IMO a gamer's biggest foe is sleep). The odd thing is, I love to stay up late and way past when I'm overdue to sleep, but I love to sleep as well. So it ends up that I sleep through most of the day. #FirstWorldProblems much?

With all of this being said, I hope you enjoy this article and I look forward to talking to you about purple monkey dishwashers next week.


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