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How to Defend Your Castle

Mark Wilhelm Posted:
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I was lucky enough to participate in one of this weekend’s castle sieges as an attacker. I’d love to recall for you an epic tale of bravery and destruction, but nothing of the sort actually occurred. Instead, here’s some tips for castle defenders preparing for the next round of sieges.

Step 1: Show Up

If unofficial reports are to be believed, not a single castle exchanged hands in Auroria this weekend. Only Trion Worlds can definitively confirm this, but the fact that no guild has paraded around their “world first” victory on the official forums seems telling.

How is it possible that dozens of attacking guilds could collectively fail to conquer a single keep? Easy answer: the defending guilds didn’t miss the event.

Step 2: Waste Time

A defending guild’s team has a myriad of tools to rely on to help them successfully repel an attacking force. Wall mounted cannons with insane range, automated air defenses against gliding attackers, walls and gates with millions of hitpoints; defenders have it good.

If you’re a small guild leader worrying about defending your castle, relax. You’re fine. Just invite 50 or so strangers off the street, give them siege permissions and lean back. The attackers probably can’t even scratch your walls before a couple well-geared defenders drop in and three-shot the trebuchets.

Step 3: ???

As an attacker, it’s genuinely frustrating to do miniscule damage to castle fortifications. Even with special the tools available to attackers (only available by purchasing with honor points), it’s difficult to get anything done when defenders figuratively always have the high ground. If Trion Worlds wants castles to be traded semi-regularly, two things need to be adjusted.

Firstly, siege weapons like trebuchets and cannons need to take damage from players like ships do. Instead of getting destroyed in moments by melee combos like a bunch of toothpicks, siege weapons have to be able to take a beating. If they explode in seconds, they might as well not exist.

Second, defensive structures need to be readjusted to be somewhat less invincible. If walls, gates and towers are going to have massive pools of health, then regular melee and ranged attacks against them need to be effective. This is especially true if the siege weapons are still made of paper.

Step 4: Profit

Guilds who successfully defend their castle get to collect a “peace fund” pot full of gold. What the guild leader decides to do with the pile of virtual cash is up to them, but it’s probably not necessary to spend it on rebuilding castle defenses as originally intended. I recommend spending it all on APEX while Trion is still selling it.

Did you participate in a siege this weekend? As a defender or an aggressor? Did you enjoy the experience? Let us know in the comments!


Mark Wilhelm

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