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How Do I Get a Sparrow in Destiny 2?

William Murphy Posted:
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Players might have realized early on in the Destiny 2 beta, and now that it’s launched on PS4 and XBOX – the Sparrow, that handy little Star Wars-esque air bike? It’s nowhere to be found. Enemies often ride them, but where is my Sparrow in Destiny 2? How do you get a Sparrow in Destiny 2? Why is my Guardian so fat and slow?  

How to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2

You could “buy one” if you wanted by partaking in the Virgin media deals and others. But chances are, most of you just want to get one in the game like you could in Destiny 1. The simple fact? You get one for free, but not until you beat the main campaign (a several dozen-hour affair). You could also get one from a vendor, but again… you have to be at least level 20.

You get a Sparrow for free from Amanda Holliday after you beat the campaign. If you want a better Sparrow, Everis at the Farm will give you a free Bright Engram box once you’ve completed the campaign too.

But there’s more! Bright Engrams, basically “Loot Boxes” for Destiny 2, have chances to get a legendary Sparrows. But the easiest way to get riding in style again? Just beat that campaign.

Who’s willing to bet they’ll start selling them in a shop before long?


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