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How Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Will Be a Live MMO

By Garrett Fuller on April 23, 2019 | Columns | Garrett Fuller | 0

Last week at Star Wars Celebration we got glimpses of how Galaxy’s Edge will quickly become the queue hell that it was meant to be for fans. People will line up for miles to have the Star Wars experience they had always dreamed or…Disney tells you to dream. I am not being cynical, I think this is amazing and always thought that a Star Wars theme park would do well even back in the 1980s. What we are going to discuss today is just how close to a live MMO this park will be. First, bring your phone, that is your log in, second, well, let’s go through some of the features.


You can actually choose your side. There are shops and areas in which you can interact as part of the Resistance and the First Order. Depending on choices you make on your phone app (think of it like a super enhanced Pokemon Go) you’ll be able to interact with either side. But wait…

You can also join a potential Scoundrel faction as well. Bounty Hunters and Smugglers please apply here. These elements of role play will likely follow families throughout the park. Of which you will only have four hours in, so make it fast in those first few weeks.


Like any Disney park, mad loot will be everywhere and expect to pay as much as a Hutt bounty for anything. This is park will likely run on the expensive side for any porg your kids may want to pick up. Early reports seem to indicate that items you buy will be for fun, but later on there will be a much more interactive element to the park.

Your phone app will be able to talk to droids who are roaming the park and even translate the local language spoke by aliens. That is not all. You will also be able to hack systems and scan cargo crates to find the stories hidden within the world.


The two main rides in the park are on the Millennium Falcon and taking part in Rise of the Resistance. Depending on choices you make throughout the park you will end up at one of these sometime in your journey. Don’t worry, with their family friendly attitude, we are sure all choices lead to these experiences.

Each ride carries a full digital experience on your phone and will even give you an avatar. Once you complete these missions and depending on who does what you’ll get digital rewards throughout the park. Thankfully, those might actually be free…we hope.


Based on the artwork, early trailers, and even some of the announcements, Galaxy’s Edge does seem completely insane for kids and adults alike. There are millions of Star Wars fans out there and even for the casual player, getting sucked into the story line and running through the park just seems like endless fun.

The experience that Disney is trying to create really does hail from all kinds of MMO influences and we expect the role playing to be heavy. In some hardcore fan cases, even more heavy then the actors. You have to remember organizations like the 501st and Mandalorian Mercs are a huge part in Star Wars fandom and would expect to visit the park in costume.

With the last movie coming out for a while, and the launch of Disney+ it seems like Star Wars fans will have a few items left on their plate for the year. However, going into 2020 we hit a lull based on announcements. So, Galaxy’s Edge will kick into high gear once they get through the beta phase in the Fall when it opens. I am sure engineers and specialists are all working hard on having a flawless opening this August. For now, I expect to go some day with the fam when the crowds have died down, never.


Garrett Fuller

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