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Home Improvement with Bill the Skoomaman Murphy

William Murphy Posted:
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It’s going to be an Elder Scrolls week here at MMORPG.com, as just about everyone is feeling the hype from last week’s Morrowind announcement, and this week’s PC launch of Homestead. Housing is finally here in Tamriel, and while it’s certainly robust, we’ve got a few features we’d love to see added in the coming months. Read on for our wishes!

Now, don’t get us wrong. Housing and decorating in Homestead is robust. While you can’t design your own house, the versatility of what you do with the hundreds of decorations and furniture means you can do just about whatever you want within the confines of your property.  On top of the fiddling with décor, you can craft your way to riches and comfort by making your own furniture. You can place your banking assistant, merchants, and even your mounts and pets within the houses. You can spent crowns and get crafting stations too, if you’d rather not mingle with the commoners unless you have to.

So yeah, there’s plenty to Housing for the folks looking for a way to spend their downtime in ESO, but yes – like all things, even Homestead can be made better. Here are a few of our suggestions for Zenimax, if they’re listening.


Having a banker is nice, but only if you’ve bought him from the Crown Store. It would be fantastic if you could make storage crates or lockboxes to keep in your house.  And if ZOS is worried about losing the sweet crown money from the Banker NPC, they could always add storage to the purchasable crown furniture too.


This is a long shot, but I love the way FFXIV has neighborhoods, same with LotRO. It’d be nice if you could buy a house that’s actually in a shared space. The way it’s set up now, I don’t see it happening, unless of course the “Cheaper” houses were like this. This one might be best left for the wishing well.


It’s not far-fetched, though perhaps out in the ether to suggest that maybe an Argonian would want to paint their little mud-hut green. Maybe my house’s walls should be chartreuse. Maybe I want the floors to be maple instead of walnut. This kind of stuff would go a long way towards making personalization of homes even more robust.

Growing mushrooms in Morrowind would be cool, I'm just saying...


The next item will tie into this too, but it’s worth mentioning generally. Housing may be the best fluff update ever for ESO, but since we can’t craft unless we spend crowns, or store things, there’s little point to the system. I mean, yes the point is that it’s fun for us who like housing. But in the context of being useful, housing is kind of a wash. It would be great if we could fish in lakes, maybe mine in hills or caves, harvest plants, or find runes. They could be on a longer cooldown, an hour or two, but it’d make sure I’m always using my house for quick and easy crafting resources.


This is, of course, the most important one. I want a farm, a garden, a life of toil and soil in Tamriel. I want every house to have at least a little pot to plant in. I want a big farm to be purchasable – where you can grow anything and everything you need for provisioning, woodworking, or more. I want to milk cows, sheer sheep, and slaughter both for food. If you can make this happen, Zenimax, I’ll be thrilled. But of course, let’s get through Morrowind first.


William Murphy

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