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Holiday Joy in the Spiral

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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We're almost halfway through December and that means Kingsisle's holiday celebrations are in full force in both of their games. Felix Navidad is back in the shopping district, present boxes are scattered throughout Skull Island, and festive decorations are all over the place. With past favorites returning, and some new holiday items and activities making their way into Wizard101 and Pirate101, the 2017 Yuletide celebration is looking to be a good one.


Nothing says Yuletide like catching fish, right? The spiral's 2 Yuletide fish have returned to many world hub ponds:

  • Mistletoe Angler: Rank 1 Life Fish
  • Yuletoy Fish: Rank 1 Myth Fish
  • *Bonus* Cold Cod: Rank 1 Ice Fish

Although the Mistletoe Angler and Yuletoy Fish will disappear after the Yuletide festival's conclusion, the Cold Cod will stick around until the spring. But hey, why wait? Catch them all so you can create a holiday aquarium in your castle that'll be sure to intrigue your guests.

Returning for the second year is the holiday Krampus instance. This dungeon can be accessed from 4 different locations: Ravenwood, Colossus Boulevard, Celestia, and Polaris. Once inside, you'll be able to choose whether you want to unlock the wooden, stone, or gold key version of the Krampus boss. Beware though - he cheats! Oh, and he also LOVES gingerbread men. Who doesn't though? To see the full list of cheats and a potential strategy for the fight, you can check out the guide I published last year.


Pirate101 got a brand new holiday update filled with tons of unique badges! Get ready to put your tracking skills to the test ...

Remember Frosty the gigantic snowman that was hidden in Skull Island last year? Well, now he has friends! KingsIsle hid 3 more snowmen in 3 different Pirate101 skyways. Just like last year, each snowman you find will grant you a brand new badge:

  • Find the snowman hidden in Avernus Skyway and you'll receive the "Frosty Finder" badge.
  • Find the snowman hidden in Haunted Skyway and you'll receive the "Frosty Wrangler" badge.
  • Find the snowman hidden in the Mooshu-Valencia Stormgate and you'll receive the "Frosty Voyager" badge.
  • Oh, and if you haven't found the Skull Island snowman yet, you can still obtain the "Stay Frosty" badge by tracking it down this year.

As far as invaders go, the snowmen are pretty friendly. Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones who decided to make an appearance this holiday. Gingerbread Raiders have been sighted in the Skull Island, Westminster, and Calabria skyways. No matter what skyway you find them in, you'll have to board their ship in order to defeat them. Besting these troublesome cookies will not only give you a chance at some new cookie-themed wands, but also a chance at receiving the new "Mark of Gingerbread" doubloon. If you've ever wanted to witness a Gingerbread Man vs. Gingerbread Man battle, now's your chance!

Defeating a certain number of Gingerbread Raiders will reward you with a few new badges:

  • Defeat 10 Gingerbread Raiders and you'll receive the "Cookie Crumbler" badge.
  • Defeat 100 Gingerbread Raiders and you'll receive the "Cookie Cruncher" badge.
  • Defeat 1,000 Gingerbread Raiders and you'll receive the "Cookie Crusher" badge.

12 Days of the Spiral

Back for another year is the 12 Days of the Spiral! During this annual event, a new surprise is revealed each day. Here's what has been uncovered so far:

How are you spending the holidays in the spiral and what seasonal events would you like to see in the future?


Vanessa Mythdust