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Much like stealth most MMOers seem to have no middle ground when it comes to dragons. We seem to either love them or hate them. If you think they are an example of trite MMO tropes or if you think no fantasy MMO is complete without them, I ask you this, what are they doing in Camelot Unchained? Before we can get to that we need some background so let’s see if there are any clues hidden in what we know about them already.

(Opens up the official CU wiki about dragons)

Hurm, that was a quick read because so far we know almost nothing! According to the official Camelot Unchained Wiki we basically know they might be linked to the “Emissaries”. Sigurd, the leader of the Vikings, killed one. They originated from beyond the Veil and lastly, they are extremely secretive and mysterious…you can say that again! Looking at the concept art they appear to be pretty ornate. Personally I like the look quite a bit and feel like CSE is developing pretty unique looking dragons. It also appears that they are linked to elements which I’m less intrigued by. That gets us…nowhere. Due to a lack of information the only logical conclusion is to utilize WILD INTERNET SPECULATIONAL THEORYCRAFTING!

Being an unbiased observer that is neutrally reporting on CU I won’t say how I feel about dragons but I will talk about some ideas I have for them...contrary to rumors I’m not some dragon fanboy…I certainly don’t want an iguana named Smaug or plan to get a dragon tattoo or anything like that…(must resist the urge to…MRAAHHH!!!) You know why this game needs dragons? BECAUSE DRAGONS! That is reason enough! I don’t believe in trite, I believe imagination and creativity conquer all! Not liking dragons is like not liking puppies, or Pixar, or Tom Hanks! I get it, no matter how blatantly epic something is some people will always prefer “Gobots” to “Transformers” but great Scott were talking Dragons here!

Ahem...as a now established dragon fan I have a few theories about them in CU.

Theory #1. They are a deus ex machina. Whenever a sever gets stagnant and needs to be shaken up, whenever some less random chaos needs to happen, whenever something that is unexplainable needs to be explained-enter the dragons! Like gods on a mountain they come down, wreak havoc and then retreat back to their perch waiting to come toy with us again. Considering the Veil is already more than filling this role I can’t imagine we need dragons as a backup. It would make for some fun lore but it just seems a bit unnecessary. (Hey I’m my own worst critic!) 

Theory #2. They are the source of power for each realm. Each realm has a brother, maybe each brother killed a dragon and upon death each dragon became the sword of power that each brother now carries. Their magic sword allows them to channel power to their people. I can’t imagine CSE would go this route simply because it seems obvious and CU almost never goes with the obvious!

Theory #3. They are gate keepers here to repent for their failure which resulted in the Veil being pierced and evil power being unleashed upon our world. They come to us shamed and weakened enough to need our help in fighting the evil and it’s abominations but (as people tend to do) we use the power against one another instead with each realm believing their philosophy to be the “right” one! They can’t control us but they can guide us with the brothers being the conduit of their wisdom and power. They would be symbols and myths of which each realm follows one. The brothers would be like their prophets. I believe this one is plausible especially early on in CU’s lifespan.

Theory #4. They only exist in the Veil. Maybe when the Veil broke their souls (that of eternal guardians) became trapped in the Veil and they need our help getting out. Each dragon unknowingly aligned with a realm and is having them collect souls for them in order to power themselves up enough to escape the prison they are now in. In this way they are a power source, but also unknowingly (or maybe knowingly) driving the conflict. Not because they are evil, but because like the realms that follow them they feel only they can conquer the evil that burst into our world once they finally get back to full power! This once is also plausible but it feels a bit too “typical evil dragon” to me.

Theory #5. They don’t exist. In a world without hope the brothers decided that people needed something to unify them. Something to inspire them to fight rather than surrender! They came up with the concept of the dragons to provide people with deities in order to control them, motivate them, and utilize them, again not for evil, but to save what was left of the world. Unfortunately the three brothers had a falling out and their people have taken the dragon stuff a bit too literally and now they fight with one another feeling each realm is the chosen one to save the world and feeling that unity can only be achieved through conquest. This one would be pretty startling and entertaining but it also feels a bit uncomfortable to me...or maybe it’s just a bit too real!

“Is that the best you got?”

At the moment yes it is! You got something better? Feel free to drop it in the comments below! These are just rough theories I’m working on…wait a second…in light of the unknown entire theories have cropped up around the dragons…Now THAT is interesting isn’t it? As someone who likes to read about EVE I suddenly felt a ping of wonder. Could CSE be doing with dragons what CCP did with the Jove? That concept has a lot of potential…let the speculation continue, because dragons!


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