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Happy Birthday, Atlas Reactor!

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Exciting news over at Atlas Reactor as today is the first birthday of this free to play, team tactics, turnbase game created by Trion Worlds!

Atlas Reactor has come a long way since pre-alpha (pictured above) which started with 3 modes as 3v3, 6 freelancers (characters.) and 2 maps. Today Atlas Reactor plays in 4v4 mode, has 30 freelancers with another on the way, 5 maps (Hyperforge Map pictured below) and numerous modes that also change out seasonally.

Remaining void of micro-transactions - Art Backgrounds and freelancer level borders have been added to the collection table that includes skins (like these Razer Chroma skins) emotes, overcons, badges, banners, titles and specific freelancer golden VFX via ranked mode.


Elaborating further on modes. The latest mode "Fourlancer"  where you play all four freelancers against another opponent doing the same is a big hit within the community and in consideration for becoming a permanent mode which would be a welcome decision for a game that is very heavily team reliant but this is one sure way to truly discover your competitive progression.

On top of these updates since launch the Atlas Reactor Dev team have added stats and achievements to further sweeten the collection pot. Along with a dedicated community run competitive League hosted by Prep Phase whose current season has recently begun and continuing Season lore which has depth and intrigue, along with seasonal celebrations like Holo Haunt arriving shortly.

Any time, especially this time of year is a great time to jump into Atlas Reactor.

Even more so after catching up with Atlas Reactors Community Manager Scott "Mobi" Jasper who let us know that the following will be active today to celebrate one year of Atlas Reactor:

Players that log in during Oct 4 – 9 will receive

  • 1 Year Celebration Meridian “Thumbs-up” Emoji
  • 1 Year Celebration Banner Emblem
  • 3 Freelancers: Asana, Blackburn, Helio
  • 3 Skins: Hardlight Asana, Eliminator Blackburn, Moonwalker Helio
  • 9 Loot Matrices: 3 Asana, 3 Blackburn, 3 Helio Loot Matrices
  • Mega Lancer Enhancer: 7 days of 2x Freelancer experience
  • Double Flux Weekend: Gain 2x Flux currency from matches October 6 to 8

Plus, nearly everything will be on sale for 50% off for this limited time only

  • All Freelancer Packs – 50% off!
  • All Loot Matrix packs – 50% off!
  • All GG Boosts packs – 50% off!
  • All purchasable skins – 50% off!
  • Lancer Enhancer (including the 1 year Ultimate Enhancer) – 50% off!

Like we said earlier. Now is the perfect time to start, return or keep enjoying Atlas Reactor and whether you are new or a vet to the game enjoy this infograph.

Congratulations everyone at Trion Worlds, the Atlas Reactor development team and community wishing you all a happy birthday with best wishes for the future.


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