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GW2 Has Stolen My Heart

Josh Hay Posted:
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Ever since Guild Wars 2 was released, I have tried countless times for the game just to click with me. I really couldn’t tell you how many times I have tried. Most of the time I admit, it would be my fault. Other games came around and the game just sort of started to collect dust. But then Heart of Thorns clicked with me because of the Revenant profession. The Revenant really clicked with me and has become sort of my go-to class. Path of Fire also added Mounts to the game which I always felt was needed for me. (I know, it’s kind of an unpopular opinion).

From the beginning till now, I want to discuss and share how Guild Wars 2 eventually won me over. I will say that, even though the game and I haven’t always gotten along, it has always held a special place in my heart. Everything about the game “speaks” to me. It is the type of game that I can log into and play at my own pace. The community has always been extremely helpful and active and it still is. I understand a lot of the new player frustration that there is a lot going on inside the game right now, but I will admit there is no real reason to feel like you are playing catch up.

I am very much a player who has catch up and be with where I feel everyone is right now in-game. But lately, that feeling isn’t there when I log in and start playing. I feel the want and need to enjoy the storyline and the “Living World” that ArenaNet has created. That is what we really want when we play right? I want to feel that sense of enjoyment without the added pressure of playing catch up. Of course, when I purchased Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, I was given the option of boosting to level 80 but those boosts are still in my inventory. I know that’s super silly but I really want to have that full experience of leveling from base to max. Is there anyone else like me or am I just being a fool for not using them?

If you read some of my past articles you will know that I am more of a PvE player than a PvP player. I know there is an extreme focus on WvW and PvP in general in GW2. Even though I am more of a PvE player I find the PvP in Guild Wars 2 extremely enjoyable even though it has its own set of problems. Then again, every game has them. I don’t feel the issues are breaking PvP. I could be entirely wrong and have the mob ready for me when it reads this, but I am not really here to play the game for the PvP aspects beyond the basics. I am more interested in the awesome PvE and the story they have created. (I know, there is something wrong with me)

The number of events that go on in each zone really makes the world feel alive and thriving. The feeling of something happening constantly really makes me want to continue playing. Not many games do that nowadays. In addition to this, I am a committed completionist and Guild Wars 2 allows to feed that desire. I know that sounds super weird, let’s all judge me later, but. I feel the need to complete every zone till it’s 100% done. If I don’t, I honestly can’t continue to the next zone. Am I the only one in this or am I just super weird? Please, tell me someone else does this to my extreme level…

I know this is more of an opinion piece than anything but I would like to hear your opinions on the game state and what should I expect moving forward. The completionist in me is having a blast and overall the current “feel” of the game is extremely positive. The game has finally won me over, but how should I continue this? What should I be doing or looking out for? If you could give your newbie self some advice, what would it be?  For current players, what keeps you going? For former players, what has made you stop playing?

As I continue my journeys in Tyria I will keep you all updated on my feelings towards Guild Wars 2. As of right now, I am thoroughly content and I hope that continues. It seems ArenaNet has done a wonderful job on the game with Path of Fire. I can’t wait to share my future adventures with you. It’s been a blast in Tyria and I cannot wait to play some more.


Josh Hay