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Guild Wars 2: What We Hope To See Out Of Its Fourth Expansion

Kanishka Thakur Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 is taking some bold steps this year and we couldn’t be more excited. The game is finally coming to Steam and it will also bring back the very first season which a lot of players have missed out on. The new player experience felt lacking and it’s great to see that End of Dragons has already laid the foundation for future content. The community has some great ideas for the next expansion and we hope ArenaNet finally adds some of the things the player base has been asking for years.

A New Race

With so much new content coming out, we are long overdue to get a new race. Players have been asking for Tengu to be a playable race for a while and ArenaNet wanted to add them to the game at launch as a playable class as well. A decade has passed since then and we still want them to be added as part of Expansion 4.

With so many great character models already existing for the Tengu, ArenaNet just needs to build a personal story for the class and we should be all set. It would require some voicework and ArenaNet would need to invest a lot of resources into it to get the story and balancing right, but we would love nothing more than a playable Tengu class in the next expansion.

New Professions

This ties into the new Tengu race we just asked for above. The leveling experience for new players right now is not the best, and if we could get new professions, some of the older core parts of the game that everyone experiences when leveling from 1 to 80 would feel populated again.

New players, in particular, would love to have a lively world during the expansion launch as everyone rushes to get to level 80. Adding a Monk or Bard class is something that the community has widely suggested and we definitely love the idea. Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of class diversity, and we wouldn’t even mind if Guild Wars 2 borrowed some ideas and implemented them in the next expansion.

We Want A Housing System

A proper housing system is something that many MMO or MMO-like games have had for years. It’s a shame that Guild Wars 2 has been around for a decade and we still do not have proper housing. Each one of us would like to have a home that we can call our own with full customization features. The game could also add collectibles from endgame activities that we could earn and place inside our homes.

The game could even add some microtransactions if it wanted to inform of housing furnishings. But it is important to have both distinct earnable cosmetics and paid cosmetics. Some games fail to balance this and a lot of earnable cosmetics end up looking worse than something you could buy for a few dollars. We don’t want paid cosmetics to look “bad”, but they should just look different so something you work hard for does not lose its value in a sea of cosmetics that look similar or better than what you have.

Please Introduce Naval Combat

With ArenaNet adding skiffs to the game, it makes us want naval combat really bad. I have been playing a lot of Sea of Thieves and I would love nothing more than its simple combat system being brought to other games. 

Games do not need to make naval combat an intensive affair. Simple sail controls, cannons, and some good old harpoon action are all we need to make Guild Wars 2 players embrace their inner pirates. Naval combat could also open up PVE potential with monsters lurking in the deep ready to pounce on players at any moment.

Dungeons Need Some Love

Dragon Response Missions proved that ArenaNet knows how to scale content based on the number of players and we want Dungeons to get the same treatment. If dungeons become soloable or if you could do them with just another buddy, it would be a great way for new players to experience the content. 

More Tyria is Always Welcome

There are parts of Tyria that ArenaNet has still kept under wraps and we want to explore more of the Core Tyria. Or the devs could add story content to areas we have already visited before. We wouldn’t mind revisiting some of the core parts of Tyria and learn more about the game world.

More World vs World Content

World vs World is one of the most fun aspects of Guild Wars 2. While the concept of the game mode is amazing, the server population across worlds is unbalanced and it leads to unfair matchups. ArenaNet has said that it is looking into it but we don’t know when we can expect any changes. Another issue with the mode is that some of the borderlands are too identical to each other. A few more borderlands that are drastically different from what we are used to would be a great start in addition to some quality of life changes.

Quality of life changes are also a must. UI customization is something that is brought up in forums frequently and the game has a lot of design choices that feel outdated. We could do with cleaner and better UI choices. Some of the story elements especially personal stories also feel a little dated and they could do with some tweaks. The new game experience is something that is lacking but ArenaNet is already taking steps to improve it. Hopefully, the changes are enough to make the influx of new players on Steam enjoy their stay in the game.

These are just some of our picks for what we want from the next expansion and it is totally possible that ArenaNet adds some of these things before Expansion 4 even drops. What are your expectations from the Guild War 2’s next expansion? Let us know.


Kanishka Thakur