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Guild Wars 2 - It's Not Over

Josh Hay Posted:
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As you know, Guild Wars 2, hasn’t had the best news recently with all the layoffs and restructuring. Along with myself a ton of other people we haven’t given up hope on the game we cherish. ANet has reassured us that development will continue. We have a glimmer of hope in these sad times. When I first read the news, I was heartbroken. These people who I have come to know and see their vision come to life, gone.

I didn’t expect such a massive hit. I know myself personally I saw Guild Wars 2 grow over a lot of time and even though some of their changes and expansions didn’t speak to me directly it was still some welcome additions. Reaffirming is that also while we were hit, more is yet to come is good enough for me.

Even through these dark times, I still look ahead to the future for this game. It’s not over; it’s very much far from that. I know a lot of people who are waiting for what the future holds for this game content-wise. I don't mind if it’s in smaller increments or in a more considerable space of time. What the game offers right now will hold me over till we get some sort of news or sneak peek on what’s next for this great game. I do not doubt in my mind that great things are ahead of us for guild wars 2, what do you all think? Are you optimistic about what is to come or are you pessimistic?

With all of this talk, I was talking to some friends of mine and asking, what would you like them to focus on? I went with story content. I still live in this living breathing world, and I would love to see some expanding on that type of material. I know a lot of people would still like to see the release cycle they are on now, but I’m not so sure that is feasible as much as I would like it to be.

With all of the news, what would you like to see in the future? Mini expansions? I wouldn’t mind more significant releases here and there mixed with some droughts here and there as well. I know in this situation not everyone is going to be happy with what is released and isn’t being released. Again, what would you all like to see get done in the future going forward?

As for me, As much as I am talking about the future of the game, I believe I need to take a step back and focus on the present of the game. We are still here playing the game. I know it’s hard not to look ahead with all the recent news, but as long as we are having fun right now, that’s what matters. Have fun, give Anet all the hope we can muster and provide them with the time and space they need to continue to build upon the game the made with love and passion.

If you could speak to ArenaNet about all what has happened? What would you say to them? How would you encourage them through this tough time? I know the transition period is the worst, I’ve been through it personally a couple of times myself, not in the same type of business but it’s never pretty. You try to make the best of the worst situation.

I am going into the “present.” I know I will continue to love and play the game I’ve come to over the years become my main MMO. I’ve had the rockiest start with this game but I’m glad it’s come to be the go-to MMO for me, and I know for years to come I will continue to say that. The journey I’ve had so far and the journey to happen is what is making me keep logging on. It’s the stories they have told and keep telling that has kept me enthralled. What about you?

I know within my Guild and close friends that play the game, we all feel uncertain to a certain degree, but I know they have reassured us and we are just waiting to see what capacity the updates will come in. Even though my heart breaks for everyone involved, I still have hope. I still have dreams for this game and what it’s potential continues to be. Are you all still uncertain or do you have the same sentiment as me? 


Josh Hay