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Men in MMORPGs seem all too eager to be women in their game of choice.  Sure, they'll say it's because they just like looking at the pretty avatar, but we all know the real culprit is something darker... more sinister.  Yes, you know that which I'm referring to.  Men who play women in MMOs are looking for little more than some extra change in their in virtual pockets, because they know they can get some poor sod to think they're a real woman behind the pixels.

I remember once dancing atop a mailbox in Ironforge as a male Night Elf, and I never got a single copper from anyone for my "services".  The moment I changed sexes and did as much as a female, I didn't even have to play the auction house anymore.  Cross-gender players can say it's because of the pretty shape of their buxom and scantily clad warrior princess, but we all know the real reason. 

You swindling bastards

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with some guy in Aion who thinks my name is Mai Li and that I'm from Korea...


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