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Good Things Come in Threes - Crowfall Gets Swole

Tim Eisen Posted:
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I was set to write about how World of Warcraft ruined the MMORPG genre (wait for it) by being too awesome! (This is where most of you stopped reading and went right to the comments below.) When out of stealth Crowfall stabbed me with its big news and got me all twitterpated. I think that is the right word... I’ll have to ask Friend Owl and get back to yall on that one. For all I know it’s been appropriated to mean something inappropriate involving the Twitter. Hurm…spell checker flagging “yall”, pretty sure that offends me and my people. You know, the people of the rural route. If you know what that is I give you a slowly passing by winger wave which only people from the rural routes will understand. If you don’t, you city slickers got no idea bout’ life love and…what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, how WOW is too good. Before you jump to the comments to flame me hear me out. WOW has too much content! With over a decade of stuff to do WOW makes launch day for any new MMORPG terrifying. How can any new game come close to something like that? I’ll tell you how. It does what games like the sisters from different misters Crowfall and Camelot Unchained do, it specializes. WOW does a lot of stuff ok, a few things like raiding fantastically and a lot of things somewhere in-between. That creates room for a niche game to specialize in one area, such as PVP, and do it better than even the almighty WOW can. It’s not easy, but it can be done-theoretically.

That brings us back to Crowfall. Where to begin. Let’s start with the thing everyone but me is a huge mark for, the pretty. I’ve said it for years; I’ve played plenty of great ugly games but a pretty game with ugly gameplay is unplayable. If you think graphics are going to get me to…(watches graphics video conveniently linked here)…

WOW! I mean, it looks like a new game! I never imagined Crowfall could or would get that enhanced. Those visuals are on some serious PEDs and as a result they are looking yoked! I’d even go as far as to call them swole. I hate to kill the vibe but I must ask, how does this new look impact FPS, mainly how many characters we can get in a battle? Maybe it doesn’t? What is their high-end big battle number nowadays? If I recall, a while ago it was around 200. I’m curious but for the moment I’m going to sit back and be humbled by that graphics upgrade.

The next big news is that JTodd has kept the beard, it’s still growing and at this point it’s nearing Charlton Heston as Moses territory in the best possible way. I’m kidding (barely). Thanks to the dollars that be the next big news is races and classes are no longer locked! FREEEEEEDOMMMM! Another way to say it is that ugly word “archetype” is dead, long live classes! (I never did get used to calling them archetypes.)

“This change had a few ripple effects on the previously planned archetypes:

“Legionnaire” has been changed to “Cleric” because it is no longer uniquely related to the Centaur culture. It also means this class will have a rework coming

“Stalker” and “Ranger” have been merged into a single class, which will also require some rework, and many of the stealth/anti-stealth features will be moved into Major Disciplines

“Forgemaster” class was removed, which makes more sense, anyway, now that crafting skills are a mainline skill tree.

“Stoneborn” are still available as a Race, of course, and were given Class options that seemed fitting for their culture.

Those are some minor changes for what is, in my opinion, a major improvement. Now we just have to convince them to get rid of vessels! (I kid, I still go back and forth on that one.) Normally I’m all about choices mattering but in Crowfall, a game that was built around anything goes PVP freedom, I’d rather have the freedom to pick a race and a class. As the chart above indicates, not everything is open but it’s certainly more open than it was before which brings me to the next succulent news bit but first…

WILD INTERNET SPECULATION! I have a secret theory that ACE keeps picking anthropomorphic races based on how they taste. A cow, an elk and I hear guinea pig are quite delicious as well…maybe I saw that last one on Bourdain or Zimmern. Either way its food for thought. Now onto the last sweet morsel.

To make a class really feel unique you will want to pick up disciplines. Good news! Over 100 disciplines will be coming in the next playtest. You can get a preview of them and the other bits at this conveniently linked link. What can I say, I give and I give to the people and ask for nothing in return…other than a click. Clicks make the world go round and comments fill it with love! Hopefully I’ll see you in the comments below.


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