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Ghulture Culture

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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KingsIsle decided to kick off 2017 with a bang by introducing a brand new hoard pack to Wizard101. Inspired by Mirage, the Ghulture's Hoard Pack is any desert lover's dream.

In addition to the usual reagents, snacks, jewels, and treasure cards, players have a chance at receiving the following items when they purchase the pack in the Crown Shop for 399 crowns:

  • 7 School Themed Ghulture Mounts
  • Wurm Larva Pets
  • Ancient Purrzian Armor
  • Purrzian Scimitar Weapon
  • Mirage House Guests
  • Mirage Housing Items

Ghulture Mounts

Unlike previous hoard packs, the Ghulture's Hoard Pack has school specific mounts. Each ghulture mount is color coded to match its designated school, and supplies a 3% damage boost (except the balance one which only gives a 2% boost). Based on the pictures, I was a bit worried that the mount would be rather large, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that wasn't the case. The mount size is actually manageable and comes with the standard +40% speed boost.

Wurm Pets

Two new Mirage themed pets emerged with the arrival of this pack. The Dark Worm Larva and the Sand Worm Larva are essentially the same - minus the school, pet colors, and cards they come with. Whereas the Dark Worm is ice themed and comes with a blizzard card, the Sand Worm is balance themed and grants a sandstorm card. For worms, they're not too shabby looking either.

Armor and Wand

While the robes and hats are okay, the boots shine the most in the Ghulture's Hoard Pack. The boots focus on damage and universal resistance ... only really lacking in critical block when compared to Graveyard boots. I'd say the wands are pretty similar to those in other packs, but they might be worth going after if you're looking to up your pip conversion stat.  

Housing Items

Decorators who loved Mirage's style will no doubt love this pack. An assortment of castle items are available that would especially go well with the Nomad's Camp. A wide variety of animated "house guests" are also available: genies, cats, monkeys, and even more cats! Short, tall, skinny, chubby ... there isn't a cat that you can't find.

Overall, the Ghulture's Hoard Pack is one of the better packs out there. The only potential issue I see is getting the mount you want. With 7 possible mounts (and them being a rare drop in the first place), getting the one you need will be even harder than usual. Spend wisely. 


Vanessa Mythdust