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GGG Tapping Into Its Community

Suzie Ford Posted:
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It's once again time for our Path of Exile: The Exiled Tribune column that shines the spotlight on all-things PoE over recent days. With the Incursion League in full swing, GGG has turned its eye to the vibrant community with announcements of contests and calls for submissions in a newly announced art contest and for the Build of the Week video series.

Build of the Week Submissions

Grinding Gear has always figured that the most creative character builds will be determined by the players themselves. This has led to a long-running series of videos under the heading "Build of the Week" that showcases some of the unique builds players have come up with. With all of the new and revamped abilities that came with the Incursion League update, there are sure to be some fresh new ways to play. Because of that, Season Nine of Build of the Week is right around the corner and GGG is asking players for submissions.

In the Build of the Week series we showcase unusual builds that use unique combinations of Path of Exile mechanics. Such builds don't have to be the strongest or fastest but they should certainly be interesting. For example, check out the last episode of Season Eight, 'Friends with Benefits' from c9q9md. 

You can head to the Build of the Week announcement page to find relevant links to past seasons, as well as instructions how to submit your own!

Community Showcase

One of the coolest things GGG does for its community is to collect and showcase a variety of creative submissions from the community. "We wanted to take a moment to celebrate recent work done by members of the community" that includes fan art, music and "even a cake". 

Here are a couple of neat things:

Check out the Community Showcase page to see all!

Speaking of Art....

Speaking of art, Grinding Gear also introduced a new Fan Art Competition taking place from now through July 16th. The only requirement is that submissions are themed around Path of Exile content. Prizes include "microtransactions, signed Path of Exile comics and Chaos Orb t-shirts". 

Prize Pool

  • Ultimate Winner - Path of Exile statue.(Statue and photo created by Arkadiusz Matyszewski)
  • Top Three - Custom forum avatars made from their submitted art, forum badge and Path of Exile art book.
  • Top Five - Signed Path of Exile Comic, Choice of Weapon Effect from the prize list.
  • Top Ten - Chaos Orb T-shirts, Choice of Helmet Effect from the prize list.
  • Top Twenty - Choice of an Armour Set from the prize list.

This means that the top three winners will receive the custom forum avatar, forum badge, the "Art of Path of Exile" art book, a signed Path of Exile comic, the Chaos Orb T-shirt and choice of weapon effect, helmet effect and armour set. 6th - 10th place would receive a Chaos Orb T-shirt, a choice of helmet effect and an armour set, and 11th - 20th place would receive a choice of an armour set. The ultimate winner will receive all the prizes mentioned above and the statue. 

Those who win a weapon effect, helmet effect, or armor effect will have a number of options from which to choose.

If you're interested, be sure to head to the Fan Art Competition page to check up on the details, including how and when to submit your work.

New Microtransaction Effects to Jazz Up Your Game

A pair of new microtransactions were added recently that can seriously provide eye candy to your rotation. For instance, in preparation for the Incursion League, GGG revamped the Arc Effect. The new Automaton Arc Effect microtransaction builds on that with some wicked red lightning tailored specifically for the Automaton or Apocalypse armor sets.

The Demonic Blade Flurry Effect also adds some pretty sweet looking red FX to your gameplay by replacing the standard effect of the Blade Fury skill gem with a red one that "attacks enemies with phantom skulls and creates a massive crimson explosion when fully charged".

That rounds out this week! Come back next week to see what's new in Path of Exile!


Suzie Ford

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