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After 887 words that had nothing to do with anything I realized I had once again drifted too far off course! As tempted as I was to send in a bunch of unrelated short rants about blenders and Cthulhu just to test the fine editors of MMORPG.com, I clicked the trash icon and started over.

Update, live stream, newsletter (featuring a QnA with some manic guy that writes a CU column), update about live stream, class unveil poll, class trio live stream, update about class trio, another update about Beta and one really full inbox leaves me with a lot of material to cover but not many words to cover it with. Ding! (checks inbox) Another poll for the second round of class unveil voting! When I say CSE has remained committed to keeping backers in the loop…I mean it! This doesn’t even count any relating articles, forum chat or game tests! I don’t want to spoil anything but even the thank you art after the survey is nice…would make a nice tattoo…

For those of you who don’t e-stalk follow CU like we disciples do I’ll try to squish all those updates into 140 characters since no one reads more than that anymore anyway.  Ahem...(FYI ahem and the dot dot dot don’t count). Ahem...MJ and Cthulhu decided that instead of every class on your realm having 5 paths some will have more and some less because lots of reasons. Good. Since the old days when CU was just an egg on MMORPG.com waiting for KS to fertilize it I’ve said I don’t care if they have 2 classes or 20 as long as each one was great. I don’t care if a tank has 5 paths and an archer has two as long as they are all well designed. Quality, not quantity.

Not to be out done by CSE I sent out my own fan survey to my fan and it turns out I voted to talk about “the Devout” class trio this week! After listening to the class unveil and reading the class page I feel prepared to spit out my feels about these classes.

The HelBound was the first class concept ever announced for CU way back in the dark days before hand held electronics and such. Way back then I recall loving the look, the lore, the concept and the Sithiness. My impression is if you ever wanted to play a yin yang this is your class. Bipolar to the extreme this class rocks a sweet mask and mood swings that would make a jaguar blush (little known fact-jaguars are known for their mood swings). If I recall the lore behind these guys they are extremists in all things, not a lot of gray area with them. ”Life is to death as death is to life.” It sounds to me the very epitome of boon and bane. Take life, give life. I kind of like that motto for healers when it comes to rez but that's another article for another time...

The Abbot “For Realm, for Honor, and for Beer!” When I read their catch phrase I assumed it was the Viking class, it turns out (believe it or not) some Arthurians might have a bit of personality! In fact looking at the duel morning stars I can tell this Arthurian has it in spades! They sort of remind me of Jedi that like to drink a lot which happens to be the exact kind of Jedi I would be so naturally I’m liking this concept. Considering that the boons and banes are also alcohol heavy I think I already have an alt lined up. Not to play an Arthurian of course, to play a boozy monk!

The Blessed Crow Don’t fall for the same mistake I did. It might look like these guys are the chef class, in reality there is more than meets the eye to that cauldron.  My theory is, not unlike a mother batch of vinegar, the magic sauce in these cauldrons carries a touch of everything it experienced since Brân himself made the original cauldron full of magic potion number 9. Think of the gameplay potential! A hive minded magic sauce! “To heal our friends and punish our enemies.” How very Spock of you Mr. Crow class.

It’s especially interesting that all three classes are from a similar mold “The Devout” yet their weapons are entirely different, one of grace, one of smashing, one of...cooking? I kid, I REALLY love this as a weapon. Looking at the boons and banes I can’t wait to see what else they do with it. Frankly that is where the real gems of the unveil are. The boons and banes for each of these three convey the creative and entertaining tone CSE is putting into their game. Reminiscent of WAR Online (pours libations) I can’t wait to see how this tone is carried throughout the other classes and woven into the fabric of the game itself. A game so dark, yet with so much light humor. A world of extremes. How fitting.  

Trivia time, what is wrong with the lush green field and forest image above? Needs more blood! Waaagh!


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