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Garrett Fuller: What I Want From MMOs in 2019

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Game concepts and metas change all the time. As MMO players we have lived through years of change, some of which is in games which are coming up on 20 year anniversaries. Each year we explore the game design concepts that have taken over and shaped what is fun about the worlds we play in. Just because you love a genre, or an IP, does not mean that the games will be fun and keep you playing for years on end. So in 2019, let’s look at some of the ideas I’d like to see come back into MMOs.

Less Survival!! More Progression!!

A recent trend in MMOs that needs to change is the idea of the survival game. Don’t get me wrong, I do love survival games, but many times I think new MMOs coming out miss the idea of making a more productive and rewarding progression system. You do not have to build a grind game in an MMO. You could make questing have a different reward idea and build a character the way you would in an offline RPG.

Survival has kept MMOs in the market to be sure, so we are not faulting that game style, just asking for something new from upcoming games. The more you can progress and build, the better fans will react to a game. Survival does come with a “I am not doing that again for the thirtieth time” breaking point. Some players will go for months or even years in survival, but MMOs 

Some PvE with your PvP

PvP is fantastic. Fortnite is a monster, however, the question becomes are will building a generation of PvPers? With all of the esports hype and competitive gaming that came out in 2018, let’s not forget that playing a game for fun is still the core of this hobby. Adventures and being able to put a game down or pick up one when you want is important to us older gamers. I am playing Diablo again, while my some plays Fortnite. It just is what it is I guess. Still PvE should never be frowned upon. It should be celebrated.

More games should make sure that a solid PvP experience is available for players. Many of the MMOs out there have made a huge successful run on PvP. Elder Scrolls Online smashes it out of the park each time they launch a new expansion. Content is king, which is how this works. So seeing more PvE would make us all take time to enjoy the game instead of constantly looking over our shoulders for the next attack.

Updates and Enhancements

Many MMOs need to make a comeback in 2019. World of Warcraft stands out as a game which has dropped after their Battle for Azeroth launch. The game needs a good boost for players to enjoy. Something fun and less grinding. Other games also should look to enhancements which will bring players back. As many move away from MMOs into so many other offerings on the market it is important to make the games fun without trying to grind out your player base.

Fallout 76 is another game that needs to come in quickly with updates and systems to bring in players. Bethesda has proven that can do a good job in the long haul with Elder Scrolls Online. Now it is time to apply the same mentality which built the success of that game onto its second online offering.

2019 will bring a lot of great gaming news. There are so many games people are looking forward too and announcements really kicked into high gear with the Game Awards. MMOs needs to step up their pace and build on what made them great. Some amazing titles are coming in the new year and let’s hope the systems and designs will get players excited for our first steps into the new decade.


Garrett Fuller

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