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Gaming Unscripted – PUBG Edition

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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Welcome to the first of a new line of articles where we will discuss my impressions of a different game every other week. We will explore different types of games from Battle Royale, MMORPGs, Adventure, and much more. So let’s get started, shall we? Gaming Unscripted has commenced.

There is one Battle Royale game that is near and dear to my heart, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. From the first time I played the game, I was hooked. People will ask you why you play a game that is literally the same every time you play it. My answer would be that it isn’t the same every time you play it, in fact, every drop is different. There are different players in each game, different strategies to employ, and you could drop into the same building 10 times in a row and get different guns each and every time. The adrenaline rush you get from a win, or from when you walk into a building and someone pops up out of nowhere to scare the literal crap out of you. That is why I continue to play the game, even though it isn’t perfect.

In its latest patch, patch 28, we saw some big changes to the game in terms of a few systems. Introduced in this patch was a weapon mastery system. This system allows you to level up your weapons up to 100 based on damage done and time survived in each match. They are awarding prizes that can be placed on your weapons and that you will actually see in the game. To me, this is a welcome change. Let me be clear that this change does not give you any differences in weapon stats, or attachments that need to be unlocked like in games such as Call of Duty. There are also medals that can be earned for outstanding achievements in each game. You can earn more than one of these as well.

Season 3 also recently began a few weeks ago, and it has brought in new skins and awards for players this season. It is a bit smaller than the last season in terms of awards and things, but I believe this is due to trying to make the seasons run one after another without much time to make all the new awards in between. There are specified rewards for each skill level that you can earn after the season had concluded, and based on where you finished specifically for your highest placement. These rewards come in the form of clothing and gear that can be equipped to change your appearance in the game. It is nice to change up your character every once in a while, and that is why I play third person perspective mostly. I like to look at the things I have earned. PUBG was made for the third person and the first person was added shortly after, but most pros will tell you that first-person perspective is better. To each their own.

For anyone who has never tried PUBG, this is a game that takes patience to learn. It is the most realistic version of the genre, and for what it lacks in optimization, it more than makes up for with a lot of things that players want in a game. The adrenaline rush is what keeps me coming back to this game, and the ability to group up with friends to push the envelope to try and become the best players that we can be. That is why I keep coming back to this game, and I have come back for over 2300 hours myself.


Christopher Bowman

Graphic Artist and Gamer all the time, graduate from Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors in Game Art and Design. Spends a lot of time in MMORPGs and First-Person Shooters.