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Gamescom Update & Looking Ahead to 3.4

Robert Lashley Posted:
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This week has been a pretty big month for FFXIV. Not only was their a new live letter and a sizeable info dump at Gamescon FFXIV has reached its third anniversary (if you don’t count 1.0 that is). To mark this occasion there is an event going on called the Rising.

The Rising:

The Rising will have your character bounce around the hot spots of Eorzea to help out the Crystal Caravan Leader and inspire her actors. Since it wouldn’t be MMO storytelling without a few bumps in the road I’ll leave it up to you to experience the twists. While the quest starts of a bit run here read a wall of text there, it has a decent pay off in the end. The puppet show is rather interesting and there are two new minion rewards to boot. Also in all the major cities you can hear fireworks in the background (even if you can’t always see them) and this adds a nice aesthetic for the seasonal event.

Yo-Kai, Yo-Kai, Yo-Kai Watch!

If you haven’t caught them all yet you still have about 5 more weeks to farm for Yo-Kai watch minions. Personally I haven’t caught them all and at this point I’m not sure that I will. Good luck to all of you that are trying though.

Tales from the Crypt:

Just kidding. There is a new chapter for the Tales from the Dragonsong War up on the lodestone however. You can find it here: http://sqex.to/ZkW. Interesting touch that I just noticed this week? You can choose to read the story as a female or male warrior of light. They’ll change the pronouns for your deciding on which you choose.

Make your own armor.

If you weren’t already aware there was a contest to create your own armor to be implemented into the game. They narrowed the list down to 43 entries and from them selected this one as the winner:

While they aren’t sure that they can capture it perfectly they will do their best. This is known as the Alligan Luminous Surcoat. Congrats to the winner. There were a ton of great entries. 

All about the 3.4

If you missed it there was the 31st live letter from the producer at the end of a 14 hour livestream celebrating XIV’s third anniversary. A name and date was given for patch 3.4. It’s Soul Surrender and the date is September 27th.

This is a beefy patch. It will have new main scenario quests, new side quests, a new raid, new trial, and a new dungeon. In addition Deep Dungeon will get an update. Oh, and PvP is getting some touches too. They will be adding duels, custom matches, and spectator mode.

The new updates for Deep Dungeon won’t hit on the 27th. The will be part of patch 3.45 coming at a later time. Once they are included they will up the floor cap to 200. The story will continue on to floor 100 but after that it will be mostly about bragging rights. It will get a bit grindy but they plan to add a job scoring system.

The new raid will be the final part of Alexander. They want this raid to be fun and plan on it being easier than Gordias or Midas. The new dungeon is Xelphatol, Hard.

The patch wouldn’t be complete without a new tomestone to ruin everyone’s day. This time it’s Allagan Tomestones of Scripture. Tomestones of Law will be removed with the release of patch 3.4 on September 27th. Esoterics will no longer be obtainable after 3.4 and you’ll not be able to exchange Esoterics for items. The devs are asking people to trade their tomestones of Law for Esoterics prior to the scheduled maintenance. We’ve been warned.

Does Square Enix have a heart?

Yes, yes they do. In a bit of community news, if you haven’t seen it yet, they helped a fan with his wedding proposal. Fortunately the bride to be didn’t run away screaming, instead she said yes. Congrats Michel and good on the FFXIV team for helping these fans make what would already be a memorable day, unless you are like me and propose in the jewelry store parking lot with a bag of Taco Bell hot sauce, be that much more special.


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