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Guild Wars 2 has gone through a lot of changes in its first year. ArenaNet has revamped the UI, added rewards for earning achievement points, released new PvP maps, and even introduced the Living Story updates to the game. With each new addition, Guild Wars 2 becomes an even better MMO experience. The changes won't stop either, as ArenaNet has mentioned some things they would like to add to the game, based on their own personal desires, and of course what the players express through the forums and feedback.

Like any other MMO I've played, there are things that I wish were included in Guild Wars 2, but will probably never happen. But it is comforting to know what ArenaNet has on their to-do list. One thing that I'm really excited to see is a better variety in enemies. This has only been mentioned as a possibility, but it would be great to see. Guild Wars 2 already has a decent amount of enemy types for me to hack into tiny pieces, but adding more wouldn't hurt. I have a strong feeling we won't really see this happen till a new area of the map is open for exploration. Still, I can keep my fingers crossed.

Such focus and intensity goes into picking the right Traits.

Nothing beats the feeling you get when your character becomes stronger. Character progression is a huge part of the MMO experience.  While the addition of ascended gear may make your character a bit stronger, new skills and traits will really bring out the potential in our characters. Chasing items for power isn't very fun, and just leads to a grind. I would much rather see my characters cast new types of spells, and perform new attacks. The addition of the Antitoxin Spray skill is is only the first of many to be added. It would be great to see skills introduced in larger groups, and be profession specific. The skills you use help make your character feel unique as much as having a different visual look. Sure adding universal skills may balance out the professions in an easy way, but you want players to feel like their characters are special.

Traits are also just as important. Picking out the traits for the character is like fine tuning your build. Right now there are quite a few options, which have resulted in some very interesting builds. By adding new traits, would we see new trait lines, or perhaps new levels added past Grandmaster? It may also be possible new traits will just be added to the lines we already have. No matter which way ArenaNet uses, deciding on which traits to equip will only become more difficult, but in a good way.

Nothing is worse than a troll playing an Asuran character!

Have you ever just wanted to beat the crap out of a troll? I don't mean a creature type troll, but the annoying player whose presence is enough to make your IQ Drop. There are also those moments where you get into an argument with a guildy, and the only logical way to settle things is through combat! Sadly Guild Wars 2 has no way for players to just duel. The good news is that this type of feature has at least been mentioned as a possible addition to the game. Even though it doesn't improve character progression, or makes being in a guild more exciting, sometimes you just want to bash someone's virtual skull in!  I’m really hoping for this feature to become a reality. 

Speaking of making guilds more fun, how about them guild halls? Those sure would be nice to have. They have been mentioned several times. For all we know, they could be play testing them right now! A nice home instance would also be neat, but I feel a guild hall is much more important. How can you effectively have a guild meeting without a fancy place to gather in?

Here's a question for ArenaNet. When will this happen again?! We haven't seen this since beta!

ArenaNet has never really promised a lot of these things, but they have all been mentioned quite a bit. They've been mentioned so much in fact, I'm willing to bet everything on this list is already in development. I mean, why else would they talk about it so much? Just look at how much has already been added just within the games first year. We've already seen a new enemy type, the Karka. A new skill, and changes to the traits have already occurred. I wonder what will be added next? New Legendary weapon skins, or will we finally get to ride on moa mounts?  

What would you like to see added to Guild Wars 2?  What has been your favorite change to the game?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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