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Welcome, ladies and gents, to another installment of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn column!

This week, instead of opining about the Valentione's day quest line – which nets you some pretty sweet barding for your Company Chocobo – I thought I'd jump in with a couple of posts from the community at large which I found insightful or otherwise helpful in recent days.

In my case, my schedule has made it difficult to get past the "leveling a second job" slump of running leves and dungeons, and with another job stuck trying to acquire a relic weapon, I've had to find other ways to occupy my time, such as gil-making, crafting, and reading up on Reddit and elsewhere. Below are some of my recommended reads!

Edda and Eurydice in the Umbral Zone

For the tragic story of Edda, I'd entreat you to check out an earlier spoileriffic write about Edda and Avere. This particular video below, however, takes the Edda storyline and runs with it in a different direction, tracing Edda's story and comparing it to the story of Eurydice in Greek mythology.

The video's maker, Ethys Asher, also decides to add some speculation as to what caused Edda to go insane, as well as whether or not we may see Edda again in the future. To wit, that depends entirely on whether or not Edda becomes a popular figure in FFXIV, popular enough to warrant her return.

Fishing Without Going Bonkers

Gathering classes, perhaps especially the Fisher class, can sometimes feel like a chore to level up. Over on the Lodestone, Onteria Nightcrawl posted a quick guide to help prospective fishers get from level 25 to 50 without going crazy staring at the same space grinding out fishing.

The guide also notes the spots and the type of bait you'll need to get ahead in the fishing game so it's pretty handy. Do note, however, that this is more of a guide for those who want to level up without eating up leves, supplanting the grind with a more relaxed pace.

Sightseeing Log Helpers

Perhaps one of the more inspired additions to the game, the sightseeing log is a trial for those who want to take pretty screenshots at awe-inspiring vistas at just the right times of day. It takes patience and some help from Skywatchers to get the job done and your sightseeing log all filled up, but there's more than one way to get help for this trial if you need it.

On the FFXIV Subreddit, a post about a new sightseeing log helper introduced a second sightseeing log tool into the mix.

The site released by Shady Endless requires some manual work to get the best results, but can be useful for those looking for hints rather than outright explanation.

On the flipside, user batmanbnb also noted another tool that takes away far more of the guess work involved, informing you of which sites are active and what emotes need to be done at specific locations to reliably earn the vista on your sightseeing log. 

Getting Into Crafting and Earning Gil

Finally, we come to a relatively new post on the FFXIV Subreddit by PrimeAvatar, for helping people get into the crafting metagame and earning more gil while crafting.

The guide is geared toward beginners and serves as a resource for other important links to get into crafting futher.

Anyway, that's all the time I have for this week. I'll be back sooner than you think with another installment, especially since we should be getting patch the Gold Saucer patch on February 24. Please look forward to it!


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