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Friendship 2017

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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For the month of February in Pirate101, you can run around on a cool Friendship Jaguar and buy the Friendship Oni pet to keep you company in battles. Both are brand new additions to the game, never seen before and can be found in the Crown Shop for 4,500 Crowns each. Notice the theme though? Yes, Pirate101 is celebrating Friendships, after all this is a family game!

Not only that, you can purchase your own Valentine’s Day eyepatch and other Valentine’s Day themed pets from last year. If you don’t remember the Beetle My Valentine, Bunny Hug, Friendship Grouper, Huggle Hoggle and the Hunny-Bunny, maybe you should check them out to make sure you got them already.

If you’re interested in hybrids, there’s a Valentine’s Day hybrid that was recently discovered. The super cute pink Snuggle Bunny can be created from the Sabertoothed Bunny and Bunny Hug. Have fun!

The Snuggle Bunny hybrid

I came across few great stories from Pirate101 players about friendships and here they are.

In Pirate101, Logan Mistspear said that he has had made so many friends who were there for each other when someone needed help with a quest or housing tip. They also have become great farming partners. They also have become great morphing partners who helped each other develop new pets and unlock new grants. Morphing buddies are the best!

Joe Young also said that when he started Pirate101, he didn’t know the game. But then he met a girl in the Avery Court who helped him a lot and eventually became a quest buddy. This just goes to show you that if you need help, there’s always someone waiting in Avery Court to help you.

Not only that, James Carrington had a real-life story of when James was struggling in Pirate101 because of his computer’s issues. Because of that, a real-life friend of James offered his own computer to allow James to finish a dungeon in Pirate101. Because of his friend’s generous offer, James was able to defeat the dreaded Captain Blood. Congratulations, James!

The Friendship Oni Pet

Come and celebrate the month of Friendship in Pirate101 and make your own story of friendship! 


Kelsey Fireheart