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Flex Picks for Marvel Strike Force’s Brotherhood of Mutants

Michael Bitton Posted:
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While some have appeared to find some viable counters to the Brotherhood of Mutants, they’re still a fearsome force on the battlefield. And like Nick Fury & Friends, there are some flex pick options you can make to tweak the roster for different scenarios or play styles. While I do have the full Brotherhood available to me at this point, I’ve been running flex picks in a couple of slots more often than not. Let’s go over a couple ideas.

Sub Mystique or Sabretooth for Night Nurse

This is a sort of obvious one. The Brotherhood of Mutants lack healing, which makes them a bit lackluster for raids by default. Night Nurse won’t bump them up to Defenders status, but she helps a ton and I haven’t had any trouble with my team in raids once I subbed her in. Mystique and Sabretooth are your best bets here. Mystique is who you’ll want to sub most of the time, but if you’re going up against a node with Hand Sentry or something like that, you may want to sub out Sabretooth instead.

Sub Sabretooth or Mystique for Scarlet Witch

This is my default Brotherhood team at this point and I like it for two reasons. Even though Scarlet Witch appears to be the MCU (non-Mutant) version in Marvel Strike Force, I still enjoy the thematic reasons for including her on the team. Being Magneto’s daughter and an original member of the Brotherhood of Mutants make for good reasons to include her on the team if you like to maintain a theme. That said, she’s also useful for gameplay purposes as well. The Brotherhood team is basically all murder, all the time and Scarlet Witch balances that out a little bit. Her ability to extend debuffs an extra turn means she can extend Pyro and Sabretooth’s bleeds to three turns and Pyro can then extend those bleeds to a fourth turn with his ultimate. This is super nasty. To make things even better, depending on turn order Wanda can sometimes extend Magneto’s blind into the second turn as well. Ouch.

OK, so that’s extra murder, but how’s she balance things out? Well, again, the team lacks healing and while she doesn’t actually heal HP, she can equalize the team’s health out and provide a team wide Deflect buff. Timed properly before a big AoE this can make a huge difference.

My Sabretooth isn’t super strong right now, so I tend to sub him out for Scarlet Witch at the moment, but Mystique is an option as well.

Sub Sabretooth for Venom

This one is a bit more straightforward. If you don’t have access to Sabretooth, Venom is a great replacement. He can basically accomplish a lot of the same things in terms of spreading bleeds out through the enemy team, but he also has access to Heal Block.

Sub Mystique for Rocket Raccoon

Want to really maximize the Brotherhood’s AoE focus? Sub in Rocket Raccoon for Mystique. Rocket’s basic attack is an AoE to adjacent targets, which works perfectly with Magneto’s ultimate. If you somehow feel this team doesn’t bring enough damage to the table, Rabbit is a great pick.


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