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Five Ways to Know You're Just Not That Into It

Jon Wood Posted:
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#3 "It's the little things"

One of the greatest things about MMORPGs is the fact that the games are ever-changing and ever-growing. Developers, at least the good ones, are constantly updating and fixing their game. Let's not praise them too much though, I mean that's the tangible thing that you get for your monthly subscription fee, but it's still one of the defining positive features of the genre.

Generally speaking, major patch times are an exciting time for players who wait eagerly to see if the niggling little issues that they might have with the game will be fixed. By and large, patch note time is an exciting time in an MMO player's day.

It's not that the patches and updates that come are always 100% satisfactory to individual players. After all, you can't please everyone all the time. Still though, the bulk of any changes should feel positive to a player who is passionate about their game.

So how does any of this tell you if you're just not that into it anymore? It's simple. As time goes on, and you become less and less happy in your current game, nothing that the developers do is going to please you. It will start with a few updates here and there not being to your taste, but as time moves on, the number of fixes that get on your nerves is going to start to increase until you finally find yourself wondering just WTF the developers have been smoking and that a trained monkey could do a better job of identifying the glaring problems in the game and fixing them.

Who doesn't like presents?.

When that day comes, it's time to say goodbye because you're just not that into it anymore.

#2 "You're just in it for the gifts it gives"

Making progress and getting better gear and other upgrades are a huge part of almost any MMORPG. It's how we measure our progress. Whether it's in more levels, better armor, higher skills or access to cooler dungeons, it just feels good to get new stuff.

The thing is, there should be more to our MMORPG experience. Sure, getting stuff is nice, but so are things like: setting, housing, and other purely social, non-progressive activities.

Now, I'm not saying that if you're playing a game in order to get those gifts that you're not still enjoying the game. It's when getting those gifts starts to feel like a chore for which they are the only reward and doing the things to get them just isn't fun anymore.

This, my friends, is known as the grind and like in a real relationship, with an MMO when it starts to feel like all you're doing is grinding to get the satisfaction you crave, it might be time to throw in the towel.

Now, don't get me wrong, a little bit of grind exists in every game. You're not going to enjoy every single element of your MMO all the time, and occasionally, you're going to feel like you're grinding your way toward reward. With that being said though, when the grindy times start to far outweigh the fun non-grindy times, it's a sure-fire indicator that you're just not that into it anymore.

#1 "Your eye starts to wander... a little too far"

When you're in a relationship, it's only natural that your eye might wander over to that pretty girl in the short skirt or that tall, dark and broody guy in the suit. It's human nature to assess the field and take a look at what we don't have. It's not that we're looking for something better than what we have. When you're happy in your relationship, looking is a passive thing, it's not comparison shopping.

Yes she's a sexy night elf. No, you can't have her.

It's really not so different with your MMORPG. Even if you're completely content in the game that you're currently playing, you're probably still following the updates on one or two other launched titles and keeping an eye on the progress of the hottest games in production. It's not that you're looking to be lured away by these games. You're just curious.

With that being said though, if you're anxiously watching for the next big thing to come around and grab your attention, what you might actually be doing is anxiously looking for an escape from the game that you're currently playing.

It might not even occur to you that a change is what you're looking for. After all, you've invested so much time and energy and even money into your game of choice that quitting and moving on to another game would not only feel like failing at your current game, but it would also feel like starting over from scratch, making the last few years of your life and the effort that you expended feel like a waste.

The same thing happens to people in real life person to person relationships. They don't want to let go, because it seems like such a large step backwards. They've grown comfortable with the status quo and disturbing it would mean failure so they keep on hanging on to a relationship that just isn't good for them anymore.

It's hard to cut those ties. It's hard sometimes to see that a change is needed, but if you're honestly looking hard at the upcoming set of games and secretly hoping that one of them will lure you away from your current MMO, you're probably not that into it anymore anyway and change might be a good thing.

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