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Five Things We Wish We’d Seen at Gamescom

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Gamescom is not over yet. It continues all weekend long for a fantastic festival of fun. However, many of the big announcements have been made and we continue to find ourselves wanting. If the game landscape is any indicator, it is that Gamescom did not pack its normal huge punch of information this year. That was reserved for E3. Now, the good news is, we still have a lot to look forward to this fall. Here are some of the things we wish we saw come out of Gamescom.

5. Blizzard

Blizzard normally saves up a few big announcements for Gamescom each year. However, this year we only saw two and they came out with little to no major hype. The first was Diablo 3 moving onto the Switch. Well, all games are moving onto the Switch so this should come as no major surprise. The second announcement was the Busan map to hit Overwatch. Being that the city is the capital of Esports, this makes the most sense. Overall though, Blizzard’s offerings were less than stellar as we go into a season of tons of new products from their competition.

4. Fallout 76 News

Quakecon gave us a huge look at Fallout 76 just a few weeks ago. Which is likely why Gamescom went by with very little coming out of Bethesda this year. They held their cards and crushed it at the opening of E3, following up with the panels and more in-depth discussions at Quakecon, basically leaving Gamescom with very little. Not that we really needed a lot from them, but…it is always nice to get Bethesda news so, we will give them a pass on this one.

3. AMD

So Nvidia dropped a nice bomb on Gamescom with probably their biggest tech announcement. However, we’d also like to hear from the competition. Maybe we can get some kind of answer to the high tech, but high-priced future of graphics cards.

2. Anything from Sony on Cross Play

This seems like a missed opportunity for Sony. The PS4 has come under heavy fire for not having a lot of cross-play opportunities with other platforms. They seem to be the lone standing stone in the way to platform freedom. With games like Fortnite and the Fallout calling them out over the course of the summer, you would think this was a good chance for an announcement with PS4 fans. Sadly, it was just more attacks on how Sony is not playing well with others.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red’s epic game of the dark future and amazing narratives did not get an update for Gamescom. First, let us say, that is okay. We know the game is in depth and the footage shown at E3 was so mind blowing I would have been happy to go in and watch it again. However, we were hoping for something from CD, but right now things have been quiet. We did hear from the developers that the full game is now playable, which is awesome news. This game will exceed the hype we can tell you that for sure. 


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