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Five Things We Want to See Added

William Murphy Posted:
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Fortnite is out, being devoured by half a million players, Chris Coke loves it, and many of us here at MMORPG.com are playing the not-so-MMO shooter/RPG/tower defense. But technically, EPIC’s calling it Early Access, meaning the game’s not done yet and won’t be until it shifts to Free to Play sometime in 2018. With that in mind, we’re listing off 5 things we’d love to see added to Fortnite before its official launch.


One of the things that’s apparent in Fortnite’s EA period is that the game’s very polished, but also light on types of content. During alpha, it’s been reported that at its earlier stages there was really only one type of mission. Build a base around an atlas, and protect it. The core of the game is tower defense and shooter, but I’d love to see more added. Not everything needs to be about building, despite how great that part of the game is. I’d like to see hunt/exterminate quests added, where you go out and clear maps, fight bosses, etc. Anything to add variety to the content is golden, in my book.


The first “zone” of Fortnite is basically the learning portion of the game. But, as my friends and colleagues point out, even with the tutorial missions there’s still a lot of stuff left unexplained. Including, sadly, how to build the really cool structures by changing your grid design in build mode. They touch on it briefly with adding doors and making low walls, but a whole build tutorial, or even better – a free build mode for your home base, would be grand. Fortnite is a blast, but it can use better explanations of all its myriad systems.


A highlight of most missions in Fortnite is stumbling into the side missions – save survivors, whack a Troll, and so forth. I love when these pop up, but like the game modes in general, there need to be more types added. I’m no designer, but random waves of enemies, hidden treasure quests, scavenger hunts, all of these can add to the maps and give us more to do before calling down the waves of zombies on us.


This one is “in the making” I’d wager, but I’ll just add it here anyway. First off, normalization/leveling of stats would need to come into play to make it so that the pool of players partaking in the mode is as big as possible. You don’t want to be a high-power player against lower folks, or maybe you do? Either way, skill should be first and foremost, not stats on your items. Also, any PVP should definitely feature base building. Perhaps the mode could be each team of four building their own base during the day, then at night, taking turns against hordes of zombies and the opposing team? In any case, Fortnite is asking for some form of competitive game mode that utilizes its strengths. Rewards could be materials and rare schematics, special cosmetic items and the like.


Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to see the ability to visually customize our heroes. It’s cool that you get the luck of the draw when you earn one, but it’s a win-win for players and Epic if we could make ourselves look the way we want at all times. We’re more connected to our characters then, and Epic can monetize cosmetics without fear of P2W claims. 


William Murphy

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