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Five Things I'm Looking Forward to in October

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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So, it’s officially going to be October very soon and honestly it’s such a fun month in Pirate101! Already in the Pirate101 Crown Shop, they have introduced the autumn themed items last week which I’m very excited about. Then once October is in swing, we will be seeing the Halloween items arrive in the Crown Shop. Not only that, Pirate101 is going to throw a birthday bash in the middle of all that because yes, Pirate101 has gained another milestone. Pirate101 will be four years old on October 15th.

Sounds like a lot. It is. But it’s a great thing! Here’s my five things I’m looking forward to October in Pirate101.

1 – The Haunted Galleon Ship

You will be able to purchase the Halloween themed ship, the Haunted Galleon ship, in the Crown Shop for 5,000 crowns, if you have not had received one already from last year. I love this ship so much. When you sail on the ship, you literally leave behind bats in its wake. The pumpkin figurehead also will cackle and pop its lid off. Now that’s one party animal, I’m telling ya.

2 – New Autumn & Halloween Pets

Last week, they introduced a brand new autumn themed pet in the Crown Shop, the Autumn Yeti, which has never seen before. You can buy this cutie for 4000 Crowns. I can’t wait to see the hybrid possibilities from this one.

Soon we will be seeing the Halloween themed pets such as Grouper of the Deep, Anasi, Octoberpus and Phantasm Pogona pets return to the Crown Shop. We might be also see other new Halloween pets that we have not seen before in the Crown Shop. I can’t wait!

For the Hybrid Hunters, if you have not already found the Terrorloon hybrid from last year. You can produce one from Corrupted Celestial Dragon and Silver Buffaloon. It’s the perfect Halloween hybrid pet to scare other pirates with! Also you can get the super awesome Grimtooth Reaper hybrid, which is one of my favorites, from Ebon Spectre and Not So Great White Shark.

3 – Masks, Eyepatches & Facepaint

Last week, they also brought back the autumn eyepatch. Soon they will bring back the Jack-O-Lantern eyepatch if you haven’t gotten one already from last year. They will also be bringing back the face paint for our faces to look like a pumpkin or ghoul. The horse and unicorn masks also will be returning.


4 – The Autumn Season in PvP

Pirate101 PvP are now updated with the addition of autumn themed weapons, mounts and pets. I know they’re not Halloween themed. But I’m still pretty stoked.

The Raptor pets have returned. But we now have the brand new Gorilla mounts for Fall which has them outfitted in green and gold. Also the brand new super adorable Fennox Foxes available for purchase! I already bought one. I couldn’t resist!

The Autumn themed weapons are pretty cool. They have colored autumn leaves gently falling from the weapon as you carry and hold it. Pretty neat, right?

5 – Birth-o-ween Surprises

What I’m most looking forward to is any new surprises that Pirate101 might bring out for Halloween that we haven’t seen before! But, one of the great things about October that most people don’t realize is that it’s also the anniversary of Pirate101’s launch. Hence the “Birth-o-ween” theme that Pirate101 created for October that combined Halloween and their birthday. Genius idea. Can you believe that Pirate101 will be FOUR YEARS OLD?! I still can’t. Time seems to fly by quite quickly those days.

But the cool thing about this birthday slash Halloween event is that if you visit Pirate101, you will be seeing tons of birthday presents wrapped in orange and black everywhere that you can actually open to get cool free surprises. Yes, free, it’s such a great and fun word I know. You can get pets, temporary mounts, furniture, and more.

And that’s not even the best part. Pirate101 will be giving away a free Birthday cupcake hat. Yep, I’m serious. Drats, even thinking about it makes me hungry! Haha.

And that’s all of the five things I am looking forward in October for Pirate101. So for October, we have three themes – autumn, Halloween and Birthday. Now you understand why October is such a fun month in Pirate101! Hope to see you there.


Kelsey Fireheart