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Five Takeaways from the Lineage Eternal Trailer

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Yesterday NCSoft showed off the trailer for Lineage Eternal as the game is about to begin its Korean beta testing. This is a huge step for the title on every level as Lineage Eternal was often an MMO destined to sit on the shelf for years. Those days are finally over. Since first announced in 2011 it has been radio silence out of NCSoft, but now the team has shown us their first trailer. Plans for the game continue and we’ll just have to wait on how long it will take to come to North America.

5.  Beautiful Graphics

The game looks amazing. I know this may come as the standard for many of you in recent years, but everything coming out of the Korean game studios has been a joy to watch. The game is in a top view format and the world looks fantastic. Just as with more recent Korean games like Black Desert Online, the engines are cranked up on the graphics and artwork for the game. A real treat to watch!

4. Big Boss Monsters

This has become the norm in many RPGs, but the bigger the bosses the better the loot! Some of the larger foes shown off in the trailer are massive. Players can be seen fighting huge beasts and exploring a vast world. It jumps you back to the old days to see such high end graphics used in an isometric style. However, this keeps things very true to the classic franchise. Following some of the changes in any RPG style, the monsters look bigger and meaner than ever.

3. Class Previews

The Trailer shows off all of the classes in pretty good detail (at least detail for what you can cram into two minutes and thirty seconds). It also leaves us with a lot of questions. However, the game seems to be sticking true to its roots and the iconic character classes have all gotten nice new upgrades. While no full in depth write ups have been given yet, it appears that the Elementalist and Knight Protector are still in the game. Many of the other side classes are highlighted. We like that in the opening trailer they give you such a good sneak peak at the art designs.

2. Combining Cinematic and Gameplay

Telling the story and hosting an almost 20 year lore background is never easy. NCSoft appears to be bringing in some amazing cinematics for the game. These sizzle trailers can get anyone excited for the title, but then combining the movie aspects with gameplay was a great move on their part. We always say here at MMO that gameplay is king and Lineage Eternal delivers. So you get the full lore update and teaser for the story, then get to look at classes and gameplay. It is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup of MMO.

1. When is it coming to North America?

Yeah, don’t feel bad we asked this question immediately! We've gotten no word from NC West, other than "you'll know when we know." The game looks great and fans in South Korea will be starting up the beta very soon. So, how long until it gets localized and brought over to the western audience? Well, hopefully sooner rather than later.  At one point, LE was planned for a simultaneous worldwide release. The game is likely huge and offers a lot of work for localization, but NCSoft definitely wants to get this one out and into the hands of fans. The anticipation has been long enough, we’re all ready now!

BONUS: Multi-character Control

We know from reports and trailers that at times we'll be controlling not only our own character, but a party of up to four. How this system works is beyond us for now, but we are curious at how extensive it is, and whether it'll come to play in group content or if it's meant for a solo experience. 


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