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Five Reasons to Play Galactic Republic

William Murphy Posted:
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We all know that the Sith Empire is a bit overpowered in term of coolness and being about as badass as B.A. Baracus in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  They get Force Choke, Boba Fett wannabes, Force Lightning, Jawa companions, and one of their classes is essentially James Bond in the Star Wars Universe.  But that doesn't mean they're the only side of the war that gets to have fun.  In this week's List, we'll take a look at five reasons people who fancy the Light side of the Force have to be proud of while playing SWTOR.

5.) Walking the Line

This may not be a good idea, starting off the List with a reason that's essentially: because you can still be an evil bastard.  But it's true.  In SWTOR, during the course of your Galactic Republic goody-two-shoes' story, you can choose to be as much of a prick as you want to be.  You can walk the line and make sure you're still on the "good side" while being a total sleaze-ball.  That is, if you have the stomach for it.  It's a bit like playing the good-guy card while harnessing the Dark Side of the Force, but it's worth it if you want all the nifty Dark Side gear from the Republic Fleet.

"I'd sleep with your wife if I had half the chance, but I'm still a good guy, promise."

4.) You Know Good Guys Win

What happened at the end of Return of the Jedi?  Did Darth Vader watch his son die at the hands of the former Senator Palpatine? No? Did the Sith Empire come back to rule the galaxy? No? Did the second Death Star blow up because the Rebels have the heart, will, and righteousness on their side? YES.  God yes. The moral of the story in the OT wasn't "Bad guys win because they can shoot lightning from their fingers and look awesome doing it." The moral was, "Those who aren't evil shall kick the ass of those who are." So while it might be cooler to be the bad guys (even I play a Bounty Hunter), ultimately it's the good guys who will win even if BioWare and LucasArts won't say so.

I probably would have killed these guys though... just saying.

3.) They Have Jedi

Let's not be coy here... almost all of us, since we first saw any of the Star Wars films (the good ones and the bad ones) have had a mind to be a Jedi.  Sith, shmith.  Jedi Knights are like badass monks who harness tranquility and peace of mind to see events before they happen, giving them almost super-human reaction times.  They can damn near fly when they jump, and oh yeah... they get lightsabers.  They may not have lightning coming out of their fingers, and they may not "use their anger" the way the Emperor would approve of, but they're the reason Darth Maul got cut in half.  That's enough for me.  Should this be higher up on the List? No... because there are better reasons. 

2.) Wookiees as Companions

The next two (and best two) reasons to play the Galactic Republic are pretty much linked to each other.  First, you get to have a wookiee as a companion in SWTOR if you choose the GR.  Screw Blizz the Jawa for the Bounty Hunter, I want a bowcaster-wielding seven foot warrior at my back.  I don't care how funny "Utini!" is every time I hear it: having a forefather to Chewbacca on my side in the heat of battle is infinitely more rad.  Plus, unlike with a Jawa, you don't have any competition when it comes to wooing the ladies.

An early concept art for Huttball...

1.) You Can Essentially Be Han Solo

Let's not beat around the bush. Number 2 ties into this as well: SWTOR essentially allows you to live the fantasy of being a wiseass Han Solo-alike.  And it's glorious.  All the smartass remarks, witty banter, flyboy attitude, and lady-chasing (or dude-chasing) are yours if you pick the Galactic Republic and roll up a Smuggler.  You get a wookiee companion, an awesome hunk-o-junk that can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, and the ability to carefully toe the line between right and wrong without it feeling off-lore in the way it does for the Jedi.  You can sleep with that creepy Twilek chick from the cantina without ruining your Jedi vows, and no one will laugh when you catch some weird drippy alien VD.  Yep, alien VD... it's the real reason to play the Republic.


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