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Five Reasons to Attend New York Comicon

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Comic-Cons have become a staple in pop culture with San Diego now a national (maybe worldwide?) event. New York Comic-Con continues to be strong as the birthplace of comics comes into its own. Last year NYCC had over 96,000 attendees, this year looks to be much higher as the show has added another day and set its sites on more space in the endless Jacob Javits Center. So for you East Coast fans out there, here are five reasons to come to New York Comicon next week!

5.) Jay & Silent Bob – Together in person.

I mean sure they are getting old, but damn they are funny. Usually Kevin Smith’s Comic-Con panels and appearances are hysterical. There is never any doubt that these two will be funny. So go and check them out. Not to mention the insane amount of other entertainment panels at the show (that hopefully aren’t Glee-related).

4.) It IS New York City

Of all places to have a major convention NYC remains the best. You can visit tons of places and do tons of stuff without ever setting foot inside the convention. Visit dark goth clubs, drink in crazy bars, see a Broadway show, get dinner at any Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn and feel like a Mob kingpin. It is all here. Not to mention the endless parties and comvention gatherings in and around the city. With four days of Comic-Con now in effect there will be precious little sleep for the hardcore fans.

3.) Comic Book and Anime Heaven

Writers, artists, celebs, almost anyone in the comicbook world will be at NYCC. Not to mention the massive side of the con that has anime on lockdown. New York has always been the core of comics and this convention shows that off. While there is still a lot of TV and movie panels, the show remains a comic book show at heart. Even if San Diego makes that claim, we all know the truth. NYCC remains true to the core of comics and you will be able to meet some of your favorite writers and artists on the show floor. The Artist Alley alone is fantastic.

2.) MMORPG.com Panels

Self plug here but seriously, we have some sick panels planned for next week. Two Star Wars panels will be going down plus The Secret World, TRION’s entire lineup, and Jagex’s Transformers Universe panel. That makes five solid MMO panels with top devs and design teams ready to answer fan questions. It also marks the final panels for Star Wars: The Old Republic before their launch in December. So this could be your one and only chance to talk to the team and get your thoughts in before the game is out. The other panels will prove to be perfect for you hardcore readers and we’ll do our best to bring you all the coverage we can.

Listen, to be fair I put us at No. 2 only because nothing can beat what is next:

1.) The Girls of New York Comicon

Remember this video? This video was put together by our favorite Justin Webb (because there are more than one and he is our favorite). It is awesomely funny and really gives you a glance at how much cosplay and dress up goes on at these conventions.  Plus… you know, girls are girls.

Hope to see you all at Comic-Con next week!  Lots of us will be there with our panels in full effect, so definitely stop by and say hello!


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