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Five MMOs That Should Be Remade

William Murphy Posted:
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Games are becoming more and more like movies in how their IPs are handled.  It seems that as videogames break into their forties (yes, they're that old), more and more titles from the 80s and 90s are seeing revivals.  But one genre that doesn't have this happening just yet is the MMO.  Sure MMORPGs are a younger offshoot of the industry, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few old gems already which players would eat up should they be refreshed.  Heck, they don't even need to be "dead" games to deserve a reboot that makes them new, shiny, and attractive.  With that in mind we've put together a list of five games we'd love to see get the revival treatment.  Be sure to read on and comment below to let us know your thoughts.

5.) Anarchy Online

Sure, it's still going strong as a niche F2P title with a devout following. But with the missteps from its launch days and the subsequent falling out as newer games came onto the market, we feel like Funcom's first MMO never really saw the success it deserved for being such an innovative and creative Sci-Fi MMO.  With a unique skill system, a fantastic setting, and so much lore to draw upon, maybe Funcom should revisit the Anarchy Online universe when they're done uncovering the Secret World.

4.) Lineage

The original Lineage and its sequel were two of the biggest MMOs around before World of Warcraft changed the scenery of the industry.  And for good reason: Lineage's own special brand of PvP in the form of castle siege addicted many a gamer for years at a time.  The original shut down in June of 2011, and the sequel's still chugging along with its own group of highly dedicated siegers.  Still, we can't help but wonder what a revised take on the IP would look like, given newer mechanics for combat, crafting, questing... all wrapped up with the same tremendous and heart-pounding PvP wars. 

3.) Ultima Online

Yes it's almost cliche now to say "Boy, that Ultima Online sure was awesome!" but I don't care.  If there's one old school MMO out there that everyone would love to see given a modern facelift, it's Ultima Online.  The UI is the probably the most painful part of the game these days, alongside the aging visuals.  But there's probably not a gamer reading this who wouldn't jump at the chance to play a new and revitalized Ultima.  If someone at EA is reading this though, let's just make sure that the game systems remain true to the source.  All we're asking for is a new UI and new visuals. Almost everything else could stay the same honestly. 

2.) Asheron's Call

This might be more personal to me than the other titles if only because it was AC and even AC2 that got me really and truly started in this hobby.  Asheron's Call unique combat, class system, and well... just about everything else really grabbed me by the ghoulies when I was a younger lad.  It was one of the first MMOs to offer a seamless world too.  I know Turbine is busy with its licensed IPs these days, but there's still a part of me that believes a Freemium updated Asheron's Call would be the bee's knees (yes, men under the age of eighty can say that).  With the crafting, and original Spell Economy re-fleshed for a modern game with updated visuals, we're pretty confident that an update Asheron's Call could garner a significant following.  What do you think?

1.) Dark Age of Camelot

Warhammer Online was supposed to be our DAoC2.  Or so we all thought.  And when it wasn't quite what we'd hoped it would be, we were all left waiting for someone to come along and give us an updated version of that three-faction RVR.  There are games on the horizon which are attempting the three-faction warfare model, but the one we'll always be comparing each new game to is Dark Age of Camelot.  If Mythic were to convince EA to let them update their classic, and do it right this time I have little doubt they'd be happy with the results.  We're not asking for some $100 million budgeted block buster, we just want a graphically updated and gameplay-refined DAoC.  Give it to us... please?


William Murphy

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