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Five Games to Make You Feel Badass

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Ok look, many video games out there do a great job of pulling you into the story or giving a romance to care about. Today we want to go over games that just flat out make you feel epic! Sure I am sitting on my couch with a pile of Doritos around me and a half spilled soda on my shirt. Even in this state these games make you feel supersonic, hardcore, and awesome! The list spans the ages so there are older games on here too. And no, not all of them are MMOs.  Let's call this List a diversion shall we?  Let’s start our list! Get psyched, drink a Red Bull, do a push up and pump up for the fight!  

5. Duke Nukem

The definition of Bad Assery. Duke had the one liner’s that made every player feel cool. Even with Duke Nukem Forever not holding up to the punch, people still quote this game year’s after its release.  The fact that Duke was killing aliens, shooting massive guns, and smirking the whole time well it just made everything cool. Sure his haircut is a Vanilla Ice dated rip off of the 1990s.

The only sad thing about Duke is that his demise came in 2011 (though I'm sure Gearbox will bring him out again better than before somehow). Oh well, on to more rocking titles.

4. Diablo

Does anyone here remember fighting the Butcher for the first time in Diablo? Body parts everywhere, death and destruction... heck the Butcher invented Hostel years before the movie came out. The Diablo series is our next entry into Bad Ass cool. The team on Diablo 3 has flat out said they are designing the characters to rock the screen when they fight. Nothing beat playing the Diablo 2 Barbarian and crushing foes under my two axes. Even the Necromancer with his skull shield and army of death was a site to behold. Diablo has always been a hallmark of the badass with its hellish themes and rough-sided characters kicking demon tail all over the place. From what we have seen of the Diablo 3 Beta we are very excited to play the full game. Just launch it already will you! Come on Blizzard… it’s winter, I am stuck at home, now is the time! Hats off to the developers of Diablo for making us all feel like insanely powerful as we lay waste to demons and undead over the past two decades.

3. Dark Age of Camelot

Yes, this made the list! Once again I will clearly state that Dark Age of Camelot had the best PvP in any MMO period. The idea of leveling up to go out and fight in the Frontier at top level PvP made the journey worth it. No one has gotten it right since. DAOC also had Midgard which was the cool Viking lands in the game. Ice giants, frost wolves, classes that reflected the Viking Gods were all part of the formula. I mean if you played Midgard in DAOC you had a pride to your realm. You wanted to beat down everyone else. You wanted the Albions dead, the Hibernians dead. Going out into the Frontier on DAOC was epic, I will never forget hitting level 50, crafting my axes, and going out as my Berserker for the first time. If you have never seen this video it captures the awesomeness of Midgard in DAOC.Look for the guy on the tree.

2. Gears of War

As a crazy fan of Warhammer 40,000 there are times I look at Gears and think c’mon GW, make a game like this… Space Marine was good and all, but Gears has exceeded my expectations each new release. The game world is dark, the guns are cool, the characters are worth a damn and yes you are once again fighting aliens. Flack jackets, big guns, and do-rags... that is what Gears of War is all about. The PvP modes in the game are always good and the Locust made for a solid enemy. Gears' approach to warfare in the future combined with some classic combat elements made for some great gameplay. Hopefully the team at EPIC will launch more games in the universe.

1. WeaponLord

If you were lucky enough to be playing games in 1995 you may have stumbled upon this gem of a game. Machinima recently did a recap of how awesome WeaponLord was and after watching it I was reminded of haw amazing the game was for its time. WeaponLord was a fighting game pitting barbarians against each other in a savage world. The combat was awesome and had some amazing innovations for its time. Blocks, combos, devestating attacks and colorful characters all played a part in this title. Simon Bisley did the artwork and the design of the game just had skulls, blood, entrails, axes, broad swords, and even the gold old massive stone hammer.

With all of the fighting games out at the time and Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat leading the charge it is a shame that this game got lost in the shuffle. WeaponLord with out a doubt was epic in every detail. Go look it up if you didn’t get the chance to play it. Seriously, this game is awesome. I mean the skull shield freaking bit people! Heads and brains everywhere, there are no words. It was called the Bloodiest Game of All Time for a while. Hats off to James Goddard where ever you are, this game defined badass.


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