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Five Console RPG’s that Need to be Rebooted

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I’m more than happy to admit that I enjoy a lot of reboots these days. If you are looking for someone to blame Hollywood’s laziness and inability to create new things that are good on, feel free to blame me. Done throwing things at your monitor yet? Okay then, let’s continue. I’m don’t want a developer to do a HD remake of the original for any of these games. If I wanted the original I would play the original. I want full on reboots of these games that incorporate modern systems that can pull in a new generation of gamer and they too can learn to appreciate these games in all of their awesomeness. And no, that doesn’t mean some sloppy PSP or 3DS port!

Secret of Mana

This one is a Squaresoft masterpiece. While not perfect it is a true work of art. Secret of Mana is one of the earliest action RPGs that I can remember playing and it has a fantastic story. The best part is that you can have up to three people playing at the same time on the Super Nintendo. That means not only was this game one of the first action RPGs it was one of the first and only simultaneous multiplayer RPGs on consoles. I was able to get friends to play this, and love it, that would normally never touch a RPG on their own. JRPGs are having a resurgence on the current generation of consoles and couch co-op play is proving it still has a place in the living room with games like Diablo III. We need a new Secret of Mana. The time is right.

Breath of Fire

This series was originally developed by Capcom and published in the west by Squaresoft. The best part of this game was playing as the main character, Ryu, and being able to transform into a dragon. Honestly what more do you need? I prefer the art of the first two games in the series that were made specifically with the west in mind as opposed to the anime style that took over the look of the franchise in later games. This game is getting another sequel in the east but no word yet on whether or not it will make it to the west.

Ogre Battle, March of the Black Queen

This one was one of the best strategy RPGs to grace the Super Nintendo. You started off answering a serious of questions posed to you by tarot cards that will determine your class and your starting units. You move your units around the battlefield in real time and when they collide with enemy units you switch to a turn based battlefield. As your units gained experience they could become more advanced classes. Not only was this game really good it is also super rare. Good luck trying to find a working copy of it (that’s not a ROM). Reboot! FYI the original creators of this did try to make another turned based tactical RPG funded by a Kickstarter. That has been put on hold. I’m not advocating the original creators of this game reboot it. Hopefully a competent studio can acquire the rights to the IP and get it done.

.hack// series

This is about as perfect a game for the MMORPG audience I can think of that deserves a proper reboot. In the .hack// (pronounced DOT Hack) series you play a boy playing a MMORPG called The World. The problem is players that have been playing The World have being going comatose. Such a fate has befallen one of your closest friends. The biggest draw for this franchise is the premise that you are playing a game within a game. .hack// also has an accompanying anime that was created. It’s been about a decade since we have last seen a .hack// game and with VR gaining traction in that time this could be an interesting franchise to make into a VR series.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Of all the games listed this is probably the least critically acclaimed. In fact in some corners it’s downright panned. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was Square’s attempt to make a RPG for beginners, also known as the western audience. When I first played Mystic Quest I was too young to be insulted by this perceived slight and now I’m too old to give a damn. FFMQ was different from previous Final Fantasy games in that encounters were no longer random. You could see all the monster on the overland map. It also pulled in elements of adventures games. You could jump and you could also use items on the overland map similar to what is seen in Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. Oh I also happen to like Zelda II. Have I mentioned that before? Hey put down those pitchforks!!!

There are literally dozens of great RPGs from the SNES, N64, and PlayStation 2 heyday that would do great if they had a remake/reboot. These are just the five that I’m looking forward to the most and think would be successful. Let me know which five you would love to see in the comments below.


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