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Finding Comfort in Tamriel

Josh Hay Posted:
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I've been playing Elder scrolls online since closed beta and have been a subscriber since. There are some days I still struggle to login and play a continuous 3-5 hours. Granted I have had a couple of new games / DLC drop for some other games but yet I still have an itch for some Elder Scrolls Online.

I know for everyone it's a different reason why the login and why they continue to play and subscribe. For me it's because of my multiple guilds and PvE content the game has an immense amount of. There are some days I wish there was more to offer me. That is a fault with every game I have played, MMO or not. I have to continue to find new reasons to login and play. That isn't a bad thing though, this allows to me test and play with all the systems elder scrolls online have in place for us to fiddle with. What about you all? For those of you that continually login day after day, what keeps you going?

I've been playing more PvP lately and have been enjoying myself playing more of a supportive role than anything. I feel like when I play more aggressive and take on more than I can chew and inevitably get owned in the face, I tend to get a lot more frustrated than anything. Playing a more supportive role has allowed to play PvP in a manner that I thoroughly enjoy. I've stated before I have not really enjoyed PvP as much as I have PvE but lately I have played more PvP than anything.

I think it also has to do with already beating the majority of the PvE content new and old and getting tired of replaying content over and over again. It's turned into more of how fast we can get a dungeon done or if we can do it deathless (Which is easy to do I will say). Challenging ourselves to do these sorts of things have made the PvE experience more fun. Have any of you done that? If so, let me know in the comments please! I'd love to try new things.

I've done the same thing in PvP as well. Can I go an entire session without dying or being the best healer in the group? Can I save at least twenty people? Challenging myself with these things, keeps me a way of thinking “I'm doing the same thing over and over again” I'm sure we have all felt that way at some point in time. It's part of the genre I guess, replaying content and mastering it. Being the world or server first of something

My next question about all of this is, is it my fault? Am I clearing content too fast? Am I one of those people who other people say “don't blow through the content, enjoy the game”? Is it the games fault for not having enough content or maybe it's a mix of both? I will agree when content comes out I will usually complete the content in the first week unless my life demands my attention elsewhere. Maybe that is a little too fast but I enjoy the content and I still am able to refine and replay the content. So, it's not that bad right? I think that’s what it’s become for me, at least the challenging content. I play and play until it’s refined into perfection, you know? I think that’s the fault of my main guild as well. We just repeat content until it’s perfected. Does anyone else do that? Not just specific to Elder Scrolls Online, but to any game? Maybe I should just find a way to speed-run ESO. That would defeat the purpose of the game I suppose though.

I love the game and will continue to subscribe to the game. I think it’s more about what the future holds than what the present holds for me. I love looking forward to new content because I know the quality is going to be high. I may beat all of it within a couple of days or weeks but during that time it’s pure joy. I don’t find myself bored and wishing I was playing something else. I talked about what I wanted in 2018 and I want just that the most I think. The want to login. I feel like I would rather want to play a game than a need. Give me more reasons to login. What about you guys and gals? What is your motivation to login? I’m curious, everyone is different, you know?

As this is the last post of the year, I want to ask one more question before I wrap this up: What was your favorite in-game moment of 2017? Was it the release of Morrowind? Was it something in-game that happened? I think for me, it was the release of The Warden. I know I still dislike the class, but when they announced it, I haven’t been that hyped for a class in a long, long time. Yes, disappointing but certainly exciting. I’m hoping for another class in 2018 or additional weapon and/or skill lines. So, what was it for you? Let me know, I always enjoy reading through the comments. (Please don’t be harsh on me)

I think my resolution for the new year, especially for Elder Scrolls Online is taking it slow, especially in questing. I read the majority of the quest texts and follow the best I can but sometimes I skip the dialogue and I feel like I miss out on a lot. As we all should. Especially during Clockwork City. I really enjoyed the storylines in that DLC. I love the stories that Zenimax creates for us to enjoy and get sucked into.

Thanks for reading and I will see you in the New Year!


Josh Hay