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Final Fantasy XIV: New Information, Shadowbringers Benchmark, and Pre-Expansion Events!

Christopher Saxon Posted:
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With just 33 days left until the launch of Shadowbringers, Square Enix has ramped up it’s hype train with a bunch of press events and videos showcasing the upcoming expansion and changes they have planned.  It’s not even Summer, yet the things are heating up at a rapid pace in preparation for the looming expansion, the question is, however, are you ready?

If you’re anything like me, the new information has you both excited and worried at the same time.  We’re not talking minor changes here, information given from the Live Letter has outlined some pretty significant changes.  Unfortunately, I can’t dive into this subject very deeply at this time, but I did get a hefty hands on serving of the expansion last week at a press event in San Francisco. While I can’t touch on any of it in detail at this time, the Healer situation, as well as the changes made to Machinist and the charged ability system have me intrigued!  I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but here’s the video showcasing the changes made with actions for all 17 jobs.

Have you checked out the benchmark for Shadowbringers yet? If not, why haven’t you?  I hopped into it to check performance, but more importantly, build my Viera.  This is an awesome tool to prepare yourself for your Fantasia use, or completely new character if you’re into making multiple characters. Just keep in mind a Fantasia will cost you a cool $10 USD, or you could grab one free by completing the Ultimate Weapon quest.  Most of us should have one sitting in our retainer’s inventory.  Check out my Viera, what do you think?

There are a couple events going on, on is the ongoing free Heavensward expansion, and the other starts Thursday, the 30th, called the Moogle Treasure Trove.  If you haven’t purchased Heavensward yet, make sure you go grab your free copy here.

Starting on Wednesday, May 30th, the Moogle Treasure Trove will begin.  You’ll be tasked with running specific event related duties to obtain Irregular Tomestones. These tomestones can be exchanged for various mounts, cosmetics, cards, and pets. The most expensive item being the Namazu Earring at 100 tomestones.  The most expensive mounts are just 50 each.  This gives us a good solid month to farm and get everything we could want, though grindy it may be, it should be possible to get just about everything on the event table. According to my calculations, you need a total of 1,303 Irregluar Tomestones to get every item on the table.  That’s only 435 runs of Castrum Meridianum or Praetorium…  Only.

Needless to say, this event should keep us busy all the way to launch.  I’m sure I won’t get every item, nor do I want every item, but the mounts I am definitely getting, along with the earrings!

I wish I could delve deeper into the changes coming, but unfortunately that will have to wait until embargo is lifted.  We will have all the juicy tidbits ready for you Wednesday.

So tell me, think I should switch to Viera?  Let me know down below!  Until next time!!


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