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Favorite Darkest Dungeon Classes

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With something like 30 hours under my belt in Darkest Dungeon at this point, there are definitely some classes I tend to favor more than others. Face it, some just get the job done better and aren’t as vulnerable to the sorts of chaos you’re sure to find while adventuring in the game. Today, we’re rounding up our five favorite Darkest Dungeon classes and we invite you to share your own with us in the comments below.

Plague Doctor & Hellion

The Plague Doctor and Hellion aren’t always go-to classes for me, but paired together, they can be a terrifying duo. Nevermind the Plague Doctor’s utility in terms of stackable team buffs and blight/bleed cures or the Hellion’s ability to sweep through the front line or dive into the back. What these two really bring together is a crowd control combo that is really tough to ignore. With the Hellion’s Barbaric Yawp and Plague Doctor’s Blinding Gas Grenade, it’s possible to stun lock the entire enemy force. Healing is great, but mitigating damage entirely by making your opponents unable to dish it out at all can really swing things in your favor.


This class is as potent with a lute as he is with a dagger. Offensively, the Jester is versatile in terms of his ability to attack from multiple positions in the party, and he’s also equipped with the ability to hit multiple targets with an AOE bleed or close out a pesky foe with Heroic End. For me, I tend to use the Jester for his utility more than anything else, but he’s also been lethal in a pinch. The ability for the Jester to reduce stress, boost accuracy and crit rating, or reduce the accuracy of all opponents on the field at once are really nothing to scoff at.  Everyone should have a Jester on hand in their roster.


The Leper is my go to front line in just about any situation. Equally capable of serving as your meatshield as he is as your primary source of damage, the Leper is versatile in ways the Crusader is not. The Leper can switch focus mid-fight depending on the situation, becoming a tough tank or crushing the frontline with the powerful AoE of a boosted Hew. I almost never leave the Hamlet without a Leper.


After struggling to make any headway in my first few days with Darkest Dungeon, I decided to take an entirely different approach to the game. Our very own HiveLeader left us three simple letters to live by (A O E) in his first impressions video, and I decided to take this to heart. Paired with a Leper and two Highwaymen, I found myself able to crush most encounters in the first or second round before they had a chance to sew chaos through the ranks. Sometimes, the best defense is a great offense and the Highwayman’s Grape Shot is a truly destructive force on the battlefield. Even if he gets bounced around, he can do excellent damage with his Pistol Shot from the back line and Point Blank Shot from the very front. Don’t leave home without one. In fact, bring two!


What are your favorite Darkest Dungeon classes and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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