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Fantastic Gifts for Final Fantasy Fans

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Hi folks! I see you’ve returned for another dose of Final Fantasy discussion. Instead of the usual news and thoughts on FFXIV, I thought we could go and discuss a different matter that’s fast approaching: the gift-giving season.

It’s got different names in Eorzea and the real world, but the general idea is the same. Take on a quest to earn spoils, which you’ll then use to buy gifts for the people close to you. Rather, save up some money to give your loved ones gifts.

If you have a particular person in mind who loves Final Fantasy the way you do, then there’s a good chance today’s article might help, as I’ve gone around looking for gift ideas that should soothe the eager Final Fantasy fan, whether they play the MMORPGs or simply like the single-player games.

Note that, with the exception of the very first item, none of these are strictly giving gifts as games.

That said, pick out something from the choices below and try to hunt it down, or send in your own ideas in the comments, alright?

The most basic MMO gift of all

For starters, if you’re looking for a good Final Fantasy XI or XIV gift, you can start by providing a game time card or offering to pay for their subscription for a month or two.

I will admit that this isn’t the most thought-expressive gift out there, but I suggest considering throwing this in as part of a package deal with one of the other possible gifts below.

For the multimedia junkie

There’s much to be said for a good show or movie, so why not grab some anime or a movie for a rousing marathon popcorn night?

To wit, you’ll have a couple of options. Going back to 1994, there was a four-episode original video animation (OVA)  called Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. This is meant to be a sequel to Final Fantasy V, and is set 200 years after that game.

For those looking for more than an OVA, there’s also the 25-episode anime, Final Fantasy Unlimited. While a fun watch, do note that this show ends without resolution, there are Japan-specific non-anime sequels to this that are meant to show how the story ends.

Of course, there are the films. There’s Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which was fun to watch back in 2001. I’m not sure if this movie aged gracefully, but then again, I’m a fan of Ming-Na, so I can’t complain.

There’s also the Final Fantasy VII movie: Advent Children. With the notable arrival of the Final Fantasy VII remake, this seems like a fun way to look at Cloud Strife and company while we wait. Do note that if you’re looking for the best experience, you’ll want to hunt down Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, which adds another 25 minutes of airtime to the movie.

Above image: Sample works from The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy (From Wikipedia)

Pretty pictures that don’t move

If you fancy yourself having some coffee table art, there are a bunch of art books to choose from. For the FFXIV fan, there’s the FFXIV: A Realm Reborn The Art of Eorzea – Another Dawn. This art book comes with a code for an Enterprise minion in FFXIV.

Aside from this, I recommend Yoshitaka Amano’s The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Slipcased Edition, which is a three-book set that comprises Final Fantasy titles I through X.

For me though, if you have a character in FFXIV that you’ve invested time into developing, why not take your favorite screenshot of it and hire an artist to turn your screenshot into a drawing or painting, or even a digital print. As for finding one, I suggest going around the FFXIV reddit and making inquiries for artist commissions.

Hunt down some soundtracks

If your loved one has a particular favorite Final Fantasy, but doesn’t own the soundtracks, now’s an excellent time to track that down. Amazon has most of them on sale as either digital titles or physical copies, and Square Enix’s store also has a number of them for purchase, under music discs in the merchandise section.

Fluffy things and expensive wearables

If you checked out soundtracks on the Square Enix store, you may also note other notable stuff for sale, such as plush toys. You can purchase plush topaz and emerald carbuncles, or, if you’re looking for a Lord of Verminion addition, a delivery moogle plush toy that comes with a minion code, like the art book mentioned earlier.

There’s also Meteor Survivor T-shirt available, as well as a host of Final Fantasy themed jewelry on the Square Enix store. If you know some craftsmen, you may also try to commission a particular pendant or ring from the series, if you wanted.

A surprise gift box?!

One last thing. Now, I promised that I wouldn’t actually throw games in this gift-giving guide, but I just wanted to point some eyes on this, as I’m a bit curious myself.

I noticed that Square Enix’s Online Store had a offer for a Holiday Surprise Box offering supposedly $80 worth of games for $9.99.

I’m not sure what they’ll be giving out, but there’s got to be something from Final Fantasy in there. It won’t hurt the bank too much to give it a go, especially if you don’t own a lot of PC-specific Square Enix games.

Anyway, that’s all the time I have for this week. As always, feel free to chime in with your own gift ideas in the comments. Cheers!

Special note: Any links in today’s column to Amazon are meant to make it easier to find the specific items. I’ve not made referral links of any sort.


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