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Fan Creations - Spotlight on Tyria

Robin Baird Posted:
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MMOs always tend to inspire a ton of fan creations which span a wide spectrum of possibilities, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. With the Livin Story picking back up next week this seemed like a good point to take a look at some of the incredible creations out there. Really there are so many interesting things fans have been creating over last four years I’ll definitely be revisiting Guild Wars 2 again for this column.

I recently stumbled on Gears 2 Gnomes on twitter because of a recent comic and I was immediately impressed with the unique take on Guild Wars 2. Here’s three examples of some of my favorite work. You can find more from Gears 2 Gnomes on Deviant Art, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Taking a turn for the more dramatic is MagicnaAnavi with her take on the Revenant, Dragonhunter, and Elementalist. If you would like see more of MagicnaAnavi’s work you can find it on Deviant Art, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Hellcorpceo brings drama in a subtler way, with a lot of focus on facial expressions. If you like these two pieces take a look at Hellcorpceo’s Deviant Art page and on Tumblr.

Moving away from fan art to 3D creations first up is Tayasternenschweif with a 3D model of a Player Character.  This incredibly detailed model represents about 80 hours of work, and it really shows. I highly suggest checking out the full Tumblr post for all the wip pictures and some close up detailed shots.

Did you every have action figures as a kid? Have you ever wondered what a Guild Wars 2 action figure would be like? Well wonder no more! Fiona Ng has made a wonderful Revenant action figure complete with interchangeable weapons! You can find all the pictures of this revenant here, and if you’d like to see what other work she’s done take a look at her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

That’s it for this week, I’ll be back in two weeks with some Witcher 3 fan creations.


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