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Fallout 76 - Improvements to the C.A.M.P. System

Franklin Rinaldi Posted:
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The mobile, movable base is a nice system in theory, I really enjoy the ability to set up camp almost anywhere I need to do some cooking, take a nap and do some repairs. However I feel that the system was not implemented very well as it seems to mix the concept of a Mobile Camp and what should be a home base of operations. These are two distinct systems that have entirely different focuses. With that in mind, I wanted to take a stab at how I see that the C.A.M.P. should be.

Let’s start with the C.A.M.P as it is now. A device that moves our camp from one location to another, which is fine to a degree. The issue I see with this concept is that your camp can be large and intricate making the idea of moving it rather absurd. The camp should be simple in my opinion, think Backpacking, just what you can carry. Envision it is like your camping, a pop-up with the just basics. To start it may be just a pallet with a sleeping bag, a simple campfire and stash box. The layout is fairly standard and takes up limited space with limited build budget. The intent of the camp is just a place to reapply your buffs from sleeping, cooking so you can eat, play an instrument (assuming you found one you can make), store items and do repairs. Smaller crafting stations designed for the mobile camp could be a different plan than the large versions currently in use that are for base. All of this helps give the immersion of breaking camp and continuing to explore like your backpacking across Appalachia.

I would remove the ability to fast travel to your camp as it should be temporary. You leave the area of it for a set amount of time would have it fold itself back up and disappear from the map waiting for you to redeploy it. To make the camp more interesting, each of the items can upgraded from a visual standpoint based on the plans you find. Add a lean-to over the sleeping bag that can upgrade to small and large tent. Choose your type of campfire for cooking, add a single crafting station (no room to add more, can swap if budget allows to store more crafting station).

Now that we have adjust the camp system, we need to re-define the base building aspect. Building a base is a great system in concept if it a permanent camp, well mostly permanent. They could still be moved as the current system allows but should cost 10 times as much to move due to the size and build budget. The intent of a base would be a home in a favorite location. This is a place where you can design a build to meet your own style, set up a farm and display your trophies you have acquired in your wonderings. Yes I know there are no trophies in the game currently, I will cover that more in a minute.

A base needs to have a larger build limit so you can design that restaurant, castle, tower of doom, whatever you like with style. The area of the base needs to be square, with clear indicators of the edge of your area. This way you can build a fence around it if you like and potential provide the ability for your friends to be able to build a base next to you, where those edge of areas snap together. This way a group of friends could have a joint build area. The builds wouldn’t actually be connected but with the edges snapped together, you each could build a fence along the edge and the combined fence could create a fort type structure. The downside is if one of you isn’t logged in, part of your group structure would be gone, but when you’re all on, your group experience is enhanced to the next level with a community build. Logging into a server would need a check to make sure no one else has a build in your chosen location and chose a different server if that the case.

With a semi-permanent base, this opens up more options and objectives for a base of operations. First off, with the multiplayer aspects, have a base gives a reason for PvP activities against a base. Currently, there is really no reason to attack someone’s base. A workshop sure, but a base, not so much. The ability to build group compounds, players could build up bases and set up events, letting the players create their own scenarios. This would tie in well with the Hunters Radio station. To support this, we would need additional storage containers that could be looted if you successful take over or destroy someone’s base. This could just be a Caps reward or it could be loot deposited specifically as a bounty reward. Or t could be an item or two of equal value to the items on your base vendor, see below. There are many ways this could be approached to entice and make the risk verse reward fun for those interested in base PvP action.

Additional improvements, as suggested earlier is the addition of a decoration work bench. This bench would allow you to collect trophies in the world and turn them into display items. Collect a super rare intact head from random kill and turn it into a trophy display on the wall. There are so many cabins with Radstag Heads on the wall, we should have the capability to make them also. Not using a Power Armor set any longer, turn it into a freestanding display that when placed down could have any skin you have access to. Note turning a Power Armor set into a display item is permanent, you will no longer be able to break it apart and use it. But just imagine being able to display sets of Power Armor with a Scorch Queen head on the wall above them. You would be able to also turn weapons and armor (with a manikin) into display items also you could decorate with. All of the display item plans could be rare but with the goal of a well decorated home boasting your achievements, people will put in the work to find them.

Additionally, a vendor bot needs to be a long term goal for any home. Through a long and expensive quest, you will get access to a vendor bot that will stand at your home and sell plans and equipment for you. To keep prices reasonable, everything should have fixed prices and you can only list 10 items at a time. However this would open up trade between players, a reason to visit each other homes to trade items and stories. Get to know your fellow players, what they are good at acquiring and provide opportunities to plan events which is sorely lacking in the current design. To prevent PvP against a base to just steal the items on a vendor bot, the actual items on it would not drop though there could be some kind of reward for a successful base raid.

I better stop here with my thoughts on the CAMP system before I get to wordy, I will save them for a future piece as I could go on and on with numerous other items that could be added. What are your ideas and wish list items for your mobile camp and base of operations in the Appalachians?

Chief Sarcan


Franklin Rinaldi

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