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Fallout 4’s Far Harbor is DLC We Should Support

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We’re breaking from the usual mold this week to bring you an expanded version of the week’s biggest news stories. We’ll be back to editorializing, but there were just too many things worth expounding on. Read our thoughts, then let us know yours in the comments below!

Fallout 4’s Far Harbor is Coming and Deserves Our Support

Fallout 4’s most anticipated piece of DLC is nearly here! Bethesda has confirmed that they’re shoring up development on Far Harbor, the new landmass and truest “expansion” yet to come to the game. To help you get (even more) excited, they’ve released a new trailer, which you can check out here. For my part, this the first piece of DLC I’ve really felt compelled to buy. The others seemed interesting, but holding off on the Season Pass seemed like the safest bet to save on cash and so far that’s panning out. Far Harbor, on the other hand, looks like the kind of DLC every fan should support.

Meaning, meat! New quests, dungeons, gear, and a big new storyline await players on the largest landmass Bethesda has ever created for a DLC update. These are, sadly, rarities when you look at DLC as a whole. A quick perusal of Steam, or any major game store, will show you how much more common $1.99 skins are. There’s nothing wrong with skins, mind you, but in an age when the vast majority of DLC is sub-par and forgettable, there’s a healthy desire for more than a lame B-side to an otherwise excellent game. I’m looking at you Arkham Knight.

How’s that Survival Mode?

Fallout 4’s console players finally received Survival Mode this week, which makes the wasteland much more difficult to survive in. I’ll admit, I’m far too much of a wimp for this mode. Do you know what it proved to me? That I had better just die if a nuclear apocalypse comes, because there is no way I’m finding enough fresh water to walk around the block, let alone look for my poor kidnapped son.

Survival mode removes fast travel, makes battles more difficult, and only allows you to save when you sleep. Threats are no longer added to the map unless you scope them first, and going too long without food, fresh water, and sleep makes you fatigued, wearing down your stats. You can also get sick, and curing yourself of radiation poisoning may make you immunodeficient, and more likely to take on illnesses. Did I mention the kind of bed you rest in makes a difference in how long you can sleep?

This is too hardcore for me. I’m going back to Dark Souls.


InXile Serves a Guy for Using the Word “Wasteland,” Guy Demands Pay Day

InXile Entertainment, makers of Wasteland 2, brought out the lawyers this week, handing a cease and desist to the one man creator behind the mediocre looking Alien Wasteland (now called ‘Action Alien’), DevDan. Apparently, InXile took issue with DevDan’s use of the word “Wasteland” in the title. While I am inclined to say they should have left the guy alone -- Wasteland in the singular is not the same as “Alien Wasteland” -- it seems that DevDan refused to negotiate on a name change unless they paid him for it, which seems like he wanted a payday instead of an amicable resolution.

Ubisoft Massive is Fixing The Division. No Really, Guys. For Real This Time.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, Ubisoft Massive has a patch that’s going to fix The Division. Oh, you have? Anyhow, Massive shared some big details in their latest State of the Game on just how they’ll accomplish their goals. Of note, they’ll be adding a new bracket to the Dark Zone for players with a 200+ Gear Score, which will offer the toughest enemies and best loot (which should also be getting a bump in Incursions and Challenge Missions). They’re also addressing the perpetually-in-flux bug situation, most recently tackling the issue of missing daily missions. How that was even a problem in 2016 when literally every other MMO has mastered it is beyond me. Check out this post to find out more about how they’re handling netcode and anti-cheating measures.

Just Give Me the Console Port Already

Farming sim/pseudo-RPG, Stardew Valley, has outlined their path to the future. Now, we’ve never talked about this game here, but that’s my failure as a terrible human being. This week’s news is worth perking your ears up over, though! The developer, ConcernedApe, posted an update to the official site announcing a partnership with Chucklefish Games. Chucklefish will be covering localization and some multiplayer, but more importantly, they will actively be porting the game to other platforms. Ape, with this off of his plate, will be focusing on developing the endgame with more marriage content for each spouse, new events, buildings, crops, additional farming/harvesting mechanics and more. It’s well worth looking into if you haven’t yet.

If this game doesn’t come to a Nintendo platform, Nintendo should probably just pull out of video games all together. Stardew Valley was made for Nintendo.

Pyre is Why I Should Go to PAX

Pyre is the next RPG from SuperGiant Games, the fine folks who made Bastion and Transistor. Robin Baird was able to go hands-on with it at PAX this year further highlighting why I should take a Dad-cation and go to some of these conventions. I expected the game to be oversaturated and artistic in that stylized, cartoon-like way -- and it is! -- but what I didn’t expect was… sports? Even though the game is surely an RPG with stats and choices, combat is now replaced by “a simplified version of Blitzball from FFX.” I’ve heard other reviewers say similar things but everyone is raving about how much fun it is to play.

This is the kind of inventiveness you don’t see very often in the overly sequelized, play-it-safe AAA world. I can’t wait to hear more.

You BET I’m Talking About Dishonored 2!

Yes, yes. I know Dishonored is a stealth action game, but it also has many RPG elements! And you know what, in a time when we can look at Shadows of Mordor and call out why an RPG fan might like it, I call that fair game for a series as incredibly good as this. Unless you hate video games and other things that are just plain cool, I have good news! Dishonored 2 is on the way November 11th! You aren’t likely to be wading through dialogue choices or thinking about your character build, but you’ll be unlocking new skills and abilities to take on each mission in a way that is uniquely your own. Plus, you get to choose between two characters this time, so it’s a safe bet there will be some big branching paths to wade down. The magic, light, and shadow-based stealth in the original was just fantastic and I can’t wait to hear more at E3 this June.

That’s all from us! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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