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Eyeing the New Witch's Hoard Pack

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Monday got a little bit better earlier this week when Kingsisle announced the addition of a brand new hoard pack - the Witch's Hoard! Now available in the Crown Shop for 399 crowns, the Witch's Hoard Pack brings Polaris themed items for your wizard to enjoy. New goodies in this pack include a new mount, pet, housing items, and gear!

I've Got My Eye On You - Waddling Witch Hut

The Waddling Witch Hut is a new mount only available in the Witch's Hoard Pack. You may recognize the main component of the design if you've already explored Polaris. The house on which your wizard sits is Baba Yaga's from Forlorn Tayg. Bursting out from the bottom of the house is a pair of legs belonging to an unknown creature. In addition to the 40% speed boost mounts normally give, this hut also supplies a 2% power pip chance boost.

Seal the Deal - New Gear

With the new seal gear, you too can save the spiral in goggles and flippers! The Seal Team Assault gear is aimed more towards balance, fire, and ice wizards while the Seal Team Recon gear would benefit life and storm. The Seal Team Demolitions set is geared for myth and death. The wands in each gear set give six wand strikes and supply a may cast detonate spell. In general, the seal team gear seems to focus on offense rather than defense with elements like damage boosts and shadow pip chance stats. Resist, accuracy, and stun resistance stats are also sprinkled in.

Get Animated - Animated Pingouins

Loved those dancing pingouins in Polaris? You can now have some of your own! The Witch's Hoard Pack gives wizards a chance to receive animated pingouin housing items. There are multiple types of happy and joyous pingouins for you to collect! This will be sure to please avid house decorators.

Ready For Some Yeti - Wildwood Yeti

The game's newest pet is here, and it's full of cute! The Wildwood Yeti is a death pet and even comes with a deathblade card. However, with the recent item/pet card deselect update, this adorable guy is capable of becoming anyone's go to pet.

Closing Thoughts

Although not the best pack out in my opinion, the new Witch's Hoard Pack does have its highlights. The Waddling Witch Hut is very peculiar, but also unique and different at the same time. From what I've seen, people either love it or hate it. Despite that, it's still the most sought after item in the pack. The Wildwood Yeti pet is adorable and will attract many pet collectors. I love that Kingsisle decided to add the animated pingouins as housing items that was one of my favorite parts of Polaris. I don't think that many players will be willing to part with their Darkmoor or Waterworks gear for the new seal team sets, but the appearance might be worth stitching for.

What do you think of the new Witch's Hoard Pack? Was it a hit or miss?


Vanessa Mythdust