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MMO players have a talent for coordinating the most fun events with fellow guild-mates both in-game and out. For example, through sites like Meetup.com, I’ve seen some really epic MMO-related gatherings like LAN parties, and outings at restaurants or theme parks. But beyond getting together just to have a great time, several players from Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, WoW, FFXIV and more, are planning a very special event for this Saturday!

You might be wondering, out of all days, why this Saturday? The reason is because the Extra Life gaming marathon charity event begins the morning of November 2nd with plans to go strong, all day long. Extra Life is a gaming marathon in its sixth year already. Extra Life was founded in 2008 to honor the memory of Victoria Enmon, a Children's Miracle Network Hospital patient. This event has grown to become the largest charitable effort in the video game industry with thousands of people getting their game on to help children in need.

The Extra Life campaign describes the event as a gaming marathon where thousands of gamers join together, aiming to play for twenty-four hours straight. Well, they’re upping the ante this year with a goal of twenty-five hours! All donations are directed to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Gamers can donate on their own, or rally friends and family members to sponsor their game-athon.

When: November 2, 2013 @ 8am (Join in whenever convenient!)

Where: Anywhere you like to game (Many play from home)

Game/Platform: Any games on any platforms

How it Works: You can register for Extra Life for free, and donate any amount you’d like. You can also ask your friends and family to help sponsor your efforts and join the event. The $15 platinum option donation makes you eligible to receive goodie bags and prizes throughout the campaign.

Who it Benefits: Gamers can select the children’s hospital they’d like to play for during registration. There are hundreds of CMN Hospitals to choose from in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Last year, Extra Life gamers raised more than two million for children's hospitals, and they’re on their way to beating that number this year. The 2013 event is November 2nd, happening in living rooms, schools, game stores, and hospitals all over the world. Funds raised are used for life-saving equipment, research, and charitable care.

If you were free to join in, which game would you choose to play for twenty-plus hours? Would it be an MMO?

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