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Exploring Tamriel: A Jaunt Through ESO's Auridon

Kevin Chick Posted:
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One of the nice things about the Elder Scrolls Online is that if you find yourself bored there is always a new area to explore. For those new to Tamriel, these short zone explorations will give an idea of what challenges one could encounter, the machinations of various factions, and some points of interest to not miss out on in each area. Part Two focuses on the Island of Auridon.  


ESO Auridon

The Island of Auridon is part of the Summerset Isles and echoes the beauty seen throughout the region. Temperate forests dot the island, with more colorful trees here and there. Once away from the coastline, brightly colored flowers grow in many areas interspersed among the ancient ruins and settlements. Travelers will mostly encounter deer, wolves, and bears when it comes to wildlife. Some towns are also home to more common animals such as chickens, cows, and, unfortunately, rats. Also, ancient ruins may attract imps, scamps, clannfears, and other Daedra. The coastline has various port towns and cities, along with two lighthouse beacons to help guide ships away from the more treacherous rocks.

ESO Auridon

After my time on Khenarth’s Roost, I was happy to be back in more familiar territory as I stepped off the ship and into the port of Vulkel Guard. The city is located on the southern tip of the island. The Dominion Marines are responsible for guarding the port, but I was surprised to see their presence so visibly when I first arrived. It seems that Watch Captian Astanya is currently investigating suspicious activity on the docks.

It isn’t uncommon to see adventurers running back and forth throughout Vulkel Guard. All the typical amenities one would need for crafting are near at hand, and for the more adventuresome sorts, there is an Anchor of Molag Bal nearby that cultists keep reactivating. For those interested in learning more about Tamriel and beyond, keep an eye out for random books that folks leave out and bookshelves. Some of these documents can provide valuable crafting knowledge or insights into events of interest to aspiring adventurers.

I didn’t spend much time in Vlkhel Guard since Captain Astanya kept looking at me sideways, and by the time I sorted out what was going on, Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion herself had taken notice of my presence. Due to some mostly accidental help on my part, and a glowing report from a certain Khajiit about my past exploits, the Queen graciously provided me with a few extra responsibilities for the foreseeable future. At this point, I decided it was time to move on. As I began to travel further North it quickly became apparent that Auridon was facing many challenges. Goblins had moved into Toothmaul Gully on the West side of the island. Meanwhile, the town of Silsailen has been overrun by some unknown political faction, and the town of Phaer was dealing with a plague outbreak.

Raz Elder Scrolls Online

Once I became aware of all this wonderful news, I managed to carefully make my way to the town of Mathiisen in central Auridon. Avoiding as much plague as possible. Shortly after my arrival in Mathiisen Raz put in an appearance. He quickly reminded me that I was now officially an Eye of the Queen and that he needed my help once again. Which, of course, involved me getting captured. I will spare you the details, but for those traveling to Auridon in the near future, be aware that followers of the Veiled Heritance are likely going to be causing problems across the island in some capacity.


After finishing up with the mess in Mathiisen, I made my way to Skywatch on the East side of the island. This port city is arguably the most important location on the island for the Aldmeri Dominion and is ruled by High Kinlady Estre. For those who are politically motivated, you will likely be able to get your fill by uttering a particular phrase to the right guard near the gate. While the town does provide everything needed for crafting, I find that its layout of shops and workstations is not as convenient compared to some other locals. Visitors looking for entertainment might find the toad races interesting. But I would be cautious about visiting places like The Barbed Hook Tavern. Most of the regulars there don’t like strangers.

As one travels past the city of Skywatch, there are a few smaller communities to visit along the way. The Shattered Grove is a town nestled in central Auridon. Recent reports indicate that the wildlife in the area seems to have turned violent. While the town of Dawnbreak farther north is dealing with Daedra and cultist attacks. For those looking to brush up on some martial training, the Northeast part of the island also has the College of Aldmeri Propriety. A place of learning for the military where all races of the Aldmeri Dominion are meant to be welcome.

For those more interested in ancient ruins, Telenger the Artificer and his students have been expanding a dig site a short distance to the north of Skywatch in the ruins of Ezduiin. It seems like the dig has stirred up some trouble while looking for something called the Mallari-Mora. The ruins of Quendeluun and Torinann further north may also be of interest to explorers. In both areas, I have seen cultists or minor Daedra lurking.

ESO Prison Cells

If an adventurer is looking for more of a challenge visiting the ruins of Castle Relis in the very Northern part of the island may be of interest. Located beneath the ruins are The Banished Cells, where powerful prisoners were rumored to have been held. Keeper Cirion currently oversees the area and has not been heard from in some time. It might be advisable to bring a few friends unless you are confident in your abilities.   

In more normal times, I would highly advise visiting Greenwater Cove and the city of Firsthold in the Northwest part of Auridon. Even though Greenwater Cove is close to a nest of giant serpents, both are important communities on the island. When I arrived on this trip, unfortunately, it was as an Eye of the Queen, and certain aforementioned political forces were already stirring up trouble in both locations.   

Even those this trip to Auridon was filled with challenges, I look forward to visiting again. It is always nice to see so many other travelers starting out on their own adventurers. It also taught me two valuable lessons about being given fancy new titles and responsibilities. First, chances are I am going to be used as bait again in the near future to draw out the enemy. Second, if there is a portal involved, I am the one typically jumping into it first and will likely be alone doing so.

At this point, Auridon is currently a bit of a mess for me, even if I managed to resolve a few issues along the way. I have also met way too many royals in a short amount of time. I am also not so sure the Queen's brother likes me much... for reasons. Time to find Captain Jimila of the Prowler and head for Grahtwood. I would like to say it was my own idea, but the Queen has commanded I help the Wood Elves with some form of discontent. On the plus side, I can’t say this life is boring.


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