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Experiencing Black Desert Online For The First Time

Avery Cohen Posted:
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There are a lot of MMO games out there to try, but many seem to pale in comparison to Black Desert Online. There is just a metric ton of things to do in this fleshed out MMO, where even end-game feels like just the half-way mark. This is a high paced action MMO with a combo system that I haven’t personally experienced in any other game in the genre. It almost feels like your playing a fighting game, while you grind in an MMO.

One of the first things I noticed while setting up to start my adventure is that there is a very healthy and lively community in Black Desert Online. While downloading the game, I joined a few streamers chats to watch and learn, and people were so helpful trying to give me as much knowledge as possible before even starting the game. There was a lot to take in, just in the first few hours of playing.

There are so many robust systems in play that it can be very overwhelming, but many assured me to just take my time. Eventually, though, I started to learn many of the different systems - or at least get familiar with what their purpose was - and it made BDO feel a little less intimidating. Getting acquainted with the map and all the resources in the UI, was a bit daunting at first, but you quickly get used to them as you progress through the game and learn what each marker means.

Once I got over this initial hurdle, I was grinding it out and finishing the main story, as well as many side quests non-stop. It was even more fun when I found some friends to play with and they showed me the ropes. There are so many classes, but I ended up trying out the Striker, because why not fist-a-cuffs? It feels like there is a class for every style of player in this Black Desert Online. I can’t wait to see how this game is when I get closer to end-game.


I’m a combat nut, it is the number one thing that will keep me playing a game. This game has wonderful combat with lots of depth. There is a wide range of combos all that give different kinds of status effects or openings. There are actual inputs to make combos, instead of just doing hot-key rotations, which is refreshing. As you level up, you become more and more familiar with what your combos can do, making it a pleasant learning experience.

Myself and two friends started characters (Lahn, Shai, Striker) and have been using the ongoing event to level up quickly. We have been focused mainly on main-quests and general side quests. Our goal was to hit Level 56 to get Awakening, as many have told us that it’s then that BDO really starts. So we have been mainly grinding and trying to learn our characters and master the combat system. Today we finally hit 56 and started to do our Awakening quest lines. We are still awe-struck by the depth of combat and trying to figure out the potential of our classes.

Even at level 56 and about to get my Awakened ability on the Striker class, I’m still amazed at just how much there is to this game. What's even better, I seemed to have joined Black Desert Online during an awesome event making this a very smooth leveling experience. I can’t wait to see how things progress from here!


Avery Cohen