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Experience Tyria All Over Again

David North Posted:
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I remember playing the Guild Wars 2 Beta, and entering my first event. Eight other players were in the area, and without needing to say a single word to each other, we grouped up and brought some justice in a small part of Tyria. It was such an awesome feeling!  I recently started a new character, and was in that same area, and the very same event popped up. I couldn't find a single other player near me. I played through the rest of the map, mostly alone, which was rather boring. I wish things were like the early days, where exploring a new area was exciting. My wish may be granted!

It just isn't fun to create a new character, and explore the world anymore.  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  The crazy thing is,Tyria is actually an amazing world to explore!  Well, as long as you have other players to experience the game with.  It is an online multiplayer game after all.   But a lot of players have leveled up, spending most of their time doing dungeons, and amassing riches. Thanks to the newest feature pack that's just around the corner, it may be the perfect time to start a new character, and experience Tyria all over again.

I love going up against big bosses with other players.

The biggest improvement is the Megaserver. A lot of maps have become very empty over the past year. This makes playing in a map feel more like a single player experience, rather than an online one. It will be great to have the ability to go into a zone, and have enough allies around to actually complete some events. Well, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. There actually isn't a guarantee that you'll have some friendlies nearby to join you, because players still have to be playing in that zone in all the other servers.  But the odds will be much better.

Traits help us fine tune our builds, which makes it no surprise that a new, more in depth system will be integrated into the game. If you're thinking of creating a new character, these changes will be both good, and bad. First, the awesome part. New traits are being added, and some will have certain requirements, like going through a certain dungeon path, or maybe defeating a certain world boss. This rewards your efforts in exploration with actual power! Sure the loot drops can be nice, but to actually go through an experience, and see your character change, and evolve from it is going to be very satisfying.

Exploration is about to become fun again.

Now here is the bad part. You won't get to mess around with the traits until you've reached level 30. That seems like a long wait, but it may not be so bad. Guild Wars 2 tackles leveling up in a unique way. Other games may start to slow down the leveling process at level 30. Guild Wars 2 keeps the experience points flowing at a constant pace, assuming you're able to complete events and quests as you adventure through the different zones. This makes the first 30 levels almost fly by. Still, the only real way you'll get to upgrade your character is by unlocking new skills, and acquiring new gear, which may not feel unique. 

While I've never been broke in Guild Wars 2, there have been a few times during the first couple of months after launch that I wish I had a few more coins to spare. Death is inevitable. But don't worry, luckily it's just a game. And in this game, you will no longer have to pay for those pesky armor repairs! I'm generally against this change, as it softens the death penalty. But what this will do for new players is going to be a big help. Sure a few silver doesn't seem like a big deal to a level 80, but for a level 20 it could mean a new armor piece. Gaining gold, and keeping it has become much easier.

I tend to stick with one character, but always end up getting the itch to start another. Sadly every time I've started fresh, the experience has become less exciting. Exploring Tyria is where I’ve made some of my most memorable moments in the game. The fact that it's so hard to share this experience with other players this far from launch is unavoidable with any game, but it's amazing to hear that something is being done to correct this. Not only that, but exploring Tyria will now be more rewarding, and without breaking the wallet which is a huge bonus. If you've thought about starting up a new character, these features are being done specifically to encourage you to take the leap.  

Are you thinking about creating a new character?  Has anything stopped you from creating a new toon before?  Tell us in the comments below. 

David North / David North is a freelance writer for MMORPG.com.  David loves to play and makes games, but now he writes about them!  If you want to creep on him and make fun of his ability to draw, follow him over on twitter @David_the_North.

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