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Everything You Need to Know About Thieves Guild

Ryan Getchell Posted:
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Patch 2.3.0, aka The Thieves Guild was released on the PTS last week. As long as you own the game you have the opportunity to login to the PTS and give this new DLC a try for FREE. Let me tell you, this expansion is extremely enjoyable. Between doing the Guild Jobs and Heists you’ll always have something to do, not to mention main story quest for the Thieves Guild and the side quests that partake in Hew’s Bane.

Prior to the Thieves guild launching I would highly recommend that you work on getting your Ledgerdemain skill line maxed out, if you haven’t already. Having a maxed out Ledgerdemain is going to allow you to do the pickpocketing and sneaking aspects of Thieves guild a lot easier. I went through parts of the Thieves Guild quest lines with one character with a maxed out Ledgerdemain skill line and one with no points in it. I got caught and failed the time limit portion of heists a lot more frequent with the character with no points in Ledgerdemain. Hew’s Bane is littered with NPCs that roam around looking for thieves.  Being able to get tasks done quicker and easier is going to be a massive asset.

The DLC is of course FREE if you are an ESO plus member. If you’re not, the content will cost 2,000 crowns for the base DLC, and 4,000 crowns for the collector’s edition.  This includes a pretty awesome camel mount, a dragon frog vanity pet, 5 Crown experience scrolls and of course the thieves guild content. If you’re a collector of vanity items, as I am, the 4,000 crown collector’s edition is worth it. The camel mount is outstanding, I mean, it spits when you hit the space bar! Who doesn’t want that?

Once you’ve obtained the Thieves Guild DLC via the Crown store or ESO Plus membership to start the questline and gain access to Hew’s Bane you’ll need to visit any Outlaw Den to obtain the quest. The quest will tell you to go to your faction’s main city, which for Daggerfall is Wayrest, to catch a boat.  Once you catch the boat you’ll be set on a path of thievery and parkour adventures.


Hew’s Bane offers 3 new crafting sets for you to craft or sell. Clever Alchemist set (located bottom right), which is a 7 Trait set, the Tava’s Favor set (located bottom left), this is a 5 trait set, and finally the Eternal Hunt set (located top left), this is a 9 trait set.

It also looks as if the designers have redesigned their concept for node spawning for Hew’s Bane. In Orisinum the nodes spawned based on what your rank in that craft’s harvesting skill was. For example anyone with a rank 1 in Metalworking passive should have seen iron. Whereas if you were capped you’d have seen Voidstone with a rare chance of finding Rubydite. In Hew’s Bane the scaling is still in effect so if you’re not capped you’ll still be able to obtain rank appropriate materials but – and this is where it differs from Orsinium, if you’re capped you shouldn’t see Voidstone, everything should be rubydite, Ancient Silk, Ruby Wood etc.

I really like this change. I was having an incredibly difficult time obtaining the materials needed to finish a set I was working on. Especially with how many materials you need to craft the top tier gear.

There are 5 new motifs being added to the game, one of which is unique specifically to the Thieves Guild DLC, Outlaw.

Outlaw Motif - Obtained solely within the Thieves Guild DLC, you can find it by completing Delves and World Bosses in Hew’s Bane.

Alliance Style Motif – This motif will allow you to craft the style of armour found from the Tel’Var Vendors in Imperial City. Now you can get your Alliance Pride in any armour set you wish. I for one will be sporting the Daggerfall Covenant motif on all my toons, will go nicely with my giant Daggerfall crest that’s tattooed on my chest. To obtain this motif you’ll need to search the chests throughout Cyrodiil and Imperial City.

Trinimac Motif – This motif is obtained by doing Orsinium daily Delve quests. You will need access to the Orsinium DLC to obtain this.

Malacath Motif - Want to look like some of the badasses in Orisinium? Now you can with this Motif. It’s obtained by completing the Daily World Boss quests in Wrothgar. You will need access to Orsinium to obtain this motif.

Soul Shriven Motif – Always thought the ragged look was cool? Then this motif is for you and is easily obtained. To acquire this style all you need to do is complete Cadwell’s Silver quest line.

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Ryan Getchell