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EVE Online: Finally Finding My Calling

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In the three or so years I’ve played EVE Online off an on, I’ve really struggled with one core question: Who do I want to be? Within New Eden, Capsuleers can literally be anything they choose: A Diplomat for a large player-run corporation, a spy not unlike those from the Cold War, or even a space trucker who hauls goods along New Eden’s valuable trade routes. 

For most of the last year, though, I’ve spent most of my time nearby the system of Jita. I’ve tried my hand at faction warfare but realized rather quickly thanks to the intervention of CONCORD that I couldn’t return to my beloved Jita due to my being Gallente and Jita firmly in Caldari space. I’ve tried my hand at pirate hunting in Low Sec, only to come to the rather quick conclusion that the pirates were simply better at hunting me. I’ve spent countless ISK replacing Vexor after Vexor in these pursuits, especially when I decided to give Abyssal Deadspace a try and met a swift end at the hands of the invading Triglavians. 



The issue I found myself realizing was that nothing in EVE was really speaking to me. None of my ships evoked a feeling that made me really feel all that jazzed to fly them. It wasn’t until I bought my Astero that I really found my passion: exploration.

Ships like my Vexor were too slow and felt clunky to fly, making travel a bore. My starter ships looked and felt too dull for me to ever step foot outside a Naval yard flying them agian. However, in my Astero I found myself feeling the same sense of awe that I get when looking back on old 50s and 60s muscle cars. The sense of style, flair, creative freedom those old car makers took when designing the Corvette, the Shelby and more was the same sense of style and flair I felt when seeing the Astero hull for the first time. 

A frigate from the Sisters of EVE faction, it’s the circular main drive on its back that really makes the Astero look exciting. It’s so different than some of the early ships Capsuleers might find themselves flying. When coupled with a Covert Ops cloaking device, I feel invincible in the Astero. It has essentially unlocked a whole new playstyle for me, one which I find myself taking more risks, especially while relic hunting. 

It simply feels versatile. I can sit, cloaked, in a system, scanning without really fearing too much of being spotted. I can defend myself as well thanks to a sizeable drone bay - and I can even use those drones and cloak to get the jump on other explorers should I so choose.

But most importantly, the Astero simply makes me want to fly. I want to take it out of a station and travel into the unknown. I get the same feeling I used to when I owned my old convertible Mustang about ten years ago. It’s such a weird feeling to have, especially considering we’re talking about a video game. But ever since I purchased this about two weeks ago, I just want to be in it, cruising along exploring. 

In my Astero I want to chart the stars of New Eden. I want to watch the great battles unfold (from a safe distance, obviously cloaked) before my very eyes. There is so much to see and figure out in New Eden, and in the stylish and agile Astero I finally have found a ship that makes me want to go out and see it. 

Move over Katia Sae, there is a new explorer in New Eden. 


Joseph Bradford

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