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Empyrea is Coming!

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Do you feel that? It's the Wizard101 Test Realm hype in the air once again. After weeks of teases, players finally have a better idea of what's to come in Wizard101's Fall 2017 update. Let's recap!

  • October 4th - KingsIsle releases Empyrea's first Twitter teaser! It depicts a gobbler dressed up as a very familiar caped crusader. Where's that gobbler-signal?!
  • October 10th - KingsIsle releases Empyrea's second Twitter teaser. This one shows 3 ninja pigs playing with ... curious ... toys in a dojo. While 2 of them seem to be enjoying themselves, the one on the left looks petrified.
  • October 16th - KingsIsle releases Empyrea's third Twitter teaser. In it, 4 manders are competing in what looks like a costume competition at "Empyreacon 2017." A dark figure (the judge) can also be seen gazing at the stage.

Shortly after October 16's teaser was revealed, players discovered that the Wizard101 Test Realm was surprisingly "Online." However, nobody was able to actually log into it. KingsIsle quickly changed its status to "Offline," but not before screenshots and excitement surfaced. While the Test Realm was listed as "Online," a short list of upcoming features was presented on the launcher. It read:

"This update includes addition of Empyrea Part One, Level 125 increase, new Shadow Magic Spells, Revered Crafting, more Castle Magic spells, Bank Size Increase, New Daily Assignment Quest, Treasure Card Sorting, Realm Locking, and more!"


Two is Better Than One

This little snippet confirms that Empyrea will be released in two parts. The last time KingsIsle did this was the second arc's finale, Khrysalis. Although some people might be disappointed to find out that the upcoming update will only hold 5 additional levels, I personally think it's exciting to know that there's still more to come!

The Other Stuff

As cool as a new world is, the other features mentioned also sound promising. Bank size increase? ABOUT TIME! Realm locking could possibly supply duelists and racers a way to stay in the same realm after their matches conclude? As a treasure card hoarder, I'm wondering what exactly treasure card sorting will entail. But hey, we actually do know at least some of the new shadow spells that will be available! They were shown on last month's KI Live!

Given all this information, I think it's safe to assume that KingsIsle is inching closer and closer to a Test Realm launch. Keep your eyes peeled on Wizard101's official Twitter account for any announcements!


Vanessa Mythdust