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Emperor Reset Please?

Ryan Getchell Posted:
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When The Elder Scrolls Online was in its Pre-Launch phase, one of the aspects that Zenimax used as a major selling point was the ability to be Emperor. They discussed it as being this prestigious title, which will take a lot of time and effort to earn. Once you’ve earned it you’d be among the few who have accomplished such a feat. When Zenimax designed this system, the concept of Emperor flipping probably never crossed their minds. Even if it did, the idea of all three factions letting it happen was mind boggling. Zenimax’s most sought after title and passives that were designed to make your character feel like it has accomplished something epic in the world of Tamriel, a form of status symbol, has become nothing more than just another skill tree in your skills window. This is why Zenimax should reset all Emperors, both past and present, when the new campaigns are launched.

Before we go any further I feel I should let you know that I have also earned the title of Emperor, so this will affect me as well. You have to admit that the title of Emperor means nothing anymore. The Emperor flipping became so bad on some campaigns that the keeps surrounding the Imperial City were changing hands every 20 minutes.  It even got to the point where the walls and doors weren’t being repaired anymore to make the flipping go faster.

This type of game play destroys every aspect that is ESO PvP. Sure I understand that alliances will be made between factions in order to accomplish a goal. But when all three factions are doing it and not actually playing the game the way it was designed, what’s the point of paying $15 a month? It’s like going to a theme park and just walking around the park and not actually enjoying the rides it has to offer.

With patch 1.3.0 Zenimax is completely redoing their campaign systems, removing the current campaigns and replacing them with new, semi structured ones. When this patch launches in early August, we’ll have access to a non-veteran rank campaign, a standard campaign (what we have now) as well as some seven day campaigns for those who want that instant gratification feeling.

The reason for this new campaign change is to help ensure that Cyrodiil is always active, as well as Zenimax’s solution to prevent emperor flipping. With more people it is unlikely that everyone will accept this “treaty” and will surmount a defense against those who wish to dethrone the Emperor.

So with this fresh start, why not reset the emperor status for everyone as well? As I said before, Emperor flipping is not something ZOS condones but they have no current way to prevent it, least until 1.3.0 goes live.  I realize there are those that have rightfully earned their Emperorships, and it is those that are getting hurt by this flipping fiasco.

These new campaigns should bring back the illustriousness of the Emperor Title. Those who have dedicated themselves to defending their faction from the “filthy hobbitses” that try and cause harm to those who call it home.  

So, I say we stand up against those who’ve done nothing by showed up in Cyrodiil and earned the title of Emperor. Let us request a complete Emperor reset for when patch 1.3.0 goes live. Let those who truly deserve the glorious title of Emperor, walk around with their heads held high, as what they have done has earned them an elite status, which only few will obtain.

Let me end this little rant with something that I think will change your minds if you're against a reset. If everyone had Superman’s powers, would Superman still be super?

Ryan Getchell / Ryan Getchell is a freelance writer for MMORPG.com. His roots go deep within the MMORPG gaming genre, branching back as early as Ultima Online. When he's not swaying around the forums you can find him lumbering around on his twitter, barking tweets. @Garbrac


Ryan Getchell