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Elder Scrolls Online Adventures: Trials and Tawdry

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Welcome back, Adventurers, to another entry in my Elder Scrolls Online Adventure series! This week saw me unveil a mystery in the Corgrad Wastes, gape open-mouthed at the Crystal Tower, and ambitiously attempt a trial with the Tawdry Ballz crew! 


If you missed my adventures last week, you can catch up here. If not, let’s begin!

First up, Corgrad Wastes. In truth, I didn’t expect to undertake this quest, but because it happened to be en route to the my main quest in Summerset, I figured I’d allow myself a tangent.

I should have expected the game to do this given my scores of hours with my current character, but the way ESO presents quests to you so organically constantly surprises me. It never feels forced and always feels like you stumbled upon the quest rather than the game presenting it to you. I love this.

Upon reaching the ruins in Western Summerset, I was greeted by a few displaced outcasts who were grief-stricken over the sudden disappearance of one of their comrades. The quest, of course, revolves around the reason for the disappearance, and the apparent cursed nature of the ruins at Corgrad.

Image Source: Elder Scrolls Wiki

As I quested alongside the NPC who had ancestral ties to the once-impressive city, I slowly but surely uncovered the reason for the disappearance of travelers, but also the reason behind the city’s demise. I shan’t spoil anything here, but, like so many side quests in ESO, I was so impressed by the outcome and the details which unfurled.

Zenimax has a knack for making you think the story will go in a certain direction at the onset, only for the depth of that story to become far more nuanced and grander towards its conclusion. I absolutely love this. If you haven’t done this quest, make some time to undertake it. It’s called Wasting Away and can be found in the Corgrad Wastes in NW Summerset.

Upon solving the mystery at Corgrad, I traveled to the Crystal Tower to continue the main Summerset quest there. Good lord. What an impressive sight. Once again, I won’t spoil anything, but the visual presentation of this quest is what struck me most.

Image Source: Elder Scrolls Wiki

Seeing the Crystal Tower, something I am intimately familiar with in Elder Scrolls lore, in person was deeply impressive. The tower rises from Nirn like a finely carved crystalline sinew, thrust up against the brilliant sky. It was an incredible sight to behold.

I met up with Raz, who once again showed just why he’s one of the greatest characters in any game with lines like, “This one and the Proxy Queen have known each other for a long time. She loves me like a brother. Of course, she hates her actual brothers, so what does Raz know?”

Image Source: Elder Scrolls Online

After helping him and my Psijic Order comrades, I was off to Alinor, where...gah, I can’t say without spoiling! Just know that the main quest in Summerset is honestly one of the best storylines I’ve ever played through in any Elder Scrolls game, and it’s because of how heavily the Daedra are involved. In this regard, for someone like me who loves the morally ambiguous Daedric Princes, the main quest continues to deliver in spades.

I finished off the week with our weekly stream with our Tawdry Ballz crew, which you can view in its entirety above. We ambitiously attempted the Asylum Sanctorum trial in Clockwork City which went...well. It was fine you guys. Ok no, it was a cluster. But it was hilarious.

Not only did we attempt a 12-man trial with only half that number, only two of us were Champion Level. Additionally, we accidentally aggro’d the Saint twice when we were still getting our bearing having just wiped. Yeah, it didn’t go well, but it was a hysterical experience.

Having failed succeeded in the trial, we tackled something more attuned to our skill level, world bosses. We finished off Graveld in Summerset, while also taking out two world bosses in Clockwork City. Overall, it was a fun night! With each stream, I learn how to become a more efficient healer. These learnings then feed into my solo experience. You can watch the full stream above, or a recap from guildie, Inter, below.

That’s it for this week, fellow adventurers! Tune in next week for more tawdriness as I continue my epic sojourn across Nirn. Hope to see you all there!


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